Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I have the plague

Or what feels like it.

Since I am taking lots of lovely medicine, I am in no state to type much. In fact, please ignore any typos here. For Caps news, I shall point you to my favorite sites:

DC Cheapseats
Japers Rink

DC Sports Chick
DC Sports Bog
On Frozen Blog

Now, I am going to go watch SoapNet while spraying my throat with that stuff that makes your whole face numb. There is always a silver lining!


DCSportsChick said...

Yikes! Are you OK?

flyer.femme said...


Get well soon!

Shmee said...

Thank you! Medicine makes everything so much better....

Rage said...

Men of the world, rest assured that this is my influence.

Alllll right.