Monday, September 10, 2007

Gil on Ovie's blog

Dont hate, Gil.

Alexander Ovechkin has a blog now, I see. I met him when he first came to D.C. He used to come to the games front row and to practice too and watch me play because both of his parents play basketball. So I heard he had a little skill and he gave me his jersey. I like watching the Capitals games just to see people getting hit against the glass. That’s my thing; watching people get hammered against the glass. As far as his blog goes, anybody can have a blog -- monkeys can have blogs -- but if it’s not good or funny than it’s not good or funny. The problem with athletes getting blogs now is that they get blogs thinking they can hide away from the media, but, no, you still have to talk to the media. It’s just something that’s added to put fans in your everyday life, that’s all. You give yourself a little bit of a human side.
Thanks to Steinberg for the hit.

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