Monday, September 10, 2007

Make up your mind already!

Maybe its just me, but I find this whole "to retire or not to retire" crap being played out by Scott Niedermayer and Teemu Selanne to be, well...crap.

Congrats to both of them. They had an amazing season, Selanne finally got to hoist the Cup, Niedermayer won a Cup alongside his brother, blah blah, all is right in the world.

But in my opinion, they are wiping out all those nice, happy thoughts that a lot of fans had for them with this drawn out retirement nonsense. Look, I get that this is a big decision, but they have already had the entire summer. Its September, and camp is starting. They are screwing their teammates by taking so long to decide, and no matter how many times Brian Burke says that he doesnt mind, I know that his dentist must have given him a mouth guard by now to stop him from grinding his teeth.

Niedermayer says that he thinks he will need at least 4 weeks to get in shape for the season, which means that while he was making his decision, he didnt bother to get in shape for the season. For a guy who claims that he is really on the fence, that is awfully asshole-ish.

So Special Nieds and Selanne: decide already!



1) We can't understand why its taken so long for folks to get pissed at him (Niedermayer)
2) Yes, yes, he's accomplished a lot, etc, etc, but enough is enough. He has a valid contract. get out there!
3) WE have been vocal wanting an answer asap.
We felt that at the time of the Penner nonsense Burke should have given Scott an ultimatum then(late July)

Shmee said...

Its interesting, because I have laid off of them with the mindset that I couldnt possibly know how hard it is. But enough already. Camp is starting and they are further screwing with everyone.