Monday, September 24, 2007

If I were a betting woman....

This is what I would put my money on. I am basing this off of Tarik's line combos from this morning:


My guess at what we will most likely see this season. Again, its early, people still have time to explode/implode, etc., etc.

Anyone else thinking that Klepis is going to get cut loose soon?


CapsChick said...

What about Bradley, Sutherby and Laich?? :)

I think Klepis is gone. I think Steckel goes down to Hershey again (he showed up for the first time against the Bolts and we're halfway through training camp...not impressed). I think you keep Brash and Clymer as depth, alternating one or both on that fourth line as needed.

Good...god. Time for hockey to start.

Shmee said...

I think they are out/riding the press box. Stecks is an improvement over any of them.

I kept Clymer tho!

Rage said...

Steck! <3