Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hershey update

Tim Leone has some Hershey updates. I loved this part:

NOTES: Robitaille remains in the market for a name for his son. "I was going to say we're probably going to call him Bruce to get more ice time -- or Douglas [for Doug Yingst]," he joked.
Apparently Robitaille lost 5 lbs. this off season and put on some muscle to better compete for ice time. Leone also quotes him as saying:
I guess having a kid on the way is going to stop me from doing my [partying] stuff like the last two years," he said. "I'm more intense, more dedicated to hockey. I think it's one of the major things that changed me this summer, getting more quiet and staying at home and working more at the gym.
Um, how hard can you party in Hershey? I'm not knocking the place, but everything is about 5 miles apart. And has to do with chocolate.


Anonymous said...

Too true, to true.

Shmee said...

teka, that update was for you!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I need to figure out WHERE they party, is the issue. I'm betting they go into Hburg proper

Anonymous said...

In a strange followup to this, I actually saw/heard a conversation between Random Dude in the Stands and Little Locker Room Kid yesterday that went something like

RDitS:"blahblah has the ultrasound pictures... are you going to the lockers after this?"

LLRK:"Uh, yeah, I think so"

RDitS:"Tell Louie that Femalename has the ultrasound on video if he wants it. A video. On CD."

LLRK: "Uh okay, uh Femalename has the ultrasound on CD."

RDitS:"On CD, but it's a video."

Some hockey fans... not the brightest, eh?

Rage said...

Chocolate is an aphrodesiac.