Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Check out Tarik today

He has lots of good tidbits himself, and does a nice piece on Karl with a K.

According to Tarik, Fehr has been seen around the Kett, but doesnt look 100%. GMGM says that the Caps are going to take their time with his back injury, and likens it to one that Brian Sutherby dealt with a few years ago. Fehr is a top prospect, and I am glad the Caps are sticking with their patient approach to players in this instance...although, what choice do they have?


Rage said...

Suts had a groin injury right? And he tried to play through it?

Oh Eric. I love you, but I also really really like Getzlaf...

Shmee said...

Getzlaf is what Fehr could be without injuries