Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bobby Boswell is ridiculously nice

In addition to the Capitals, I have a ticket plan for the Nats, and half season tickets for DC United. I love all sports, and I need something to keep me from becoming too melancholy during the offseason. My friend Caroline will occasionally join me for soccer games, but usually she will hang out with her other friends who have better seats through their Screaming Eagles membership. Being a sports person, I understand.

The aforementioned friends of Caroline are full season ticket holders, and had the chance to attend the season ticket holder party that DC United throws. Caroline has a bit of crush on Bobby Boswell, because in addition to being a blogger, cereal lover, and all around nice guy, he (in Caroline's words) "is from Florida and has cheek bones sculpted by the Gods". If you havent guessed, Caroline is from Florida.

So, Bobby Boswell, being one of the fan friendliest professional athletes out there, filmed this for Caroline: (Caroline's friend Tim is the alto and his wife is filming):

Bobby Boswell is awesome. And, I'm pretty sure that Caroline's friends never have to buy her Christmas/birthday presents ever again.

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