Thursday, September 27, 2007

Free tix to Sundays game

According to the WaPo, if you show up to the Phone Booth's F Street box office on Sunday with a used or unused DC United ticket, you will get a free ticket to the Capitals 5pm tilt versus the Senators. Pretty sweet. From what I can tell, you dont have to give up your United ticket, just show it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Down with the Canes, part deux

The Caps won 3-2 over the Canes last night in OT. Here are the highlights:

- new HD screen is mesmerizing. You can actually see everything going on. I caught myself staring at the screen more then the ice.
- Mike Green has improved a some areas. He was an offensive powerhouse last night, but he still took a couple of dumb penalties. In the first five minutes of the game, he went to the box for delay of the game (he knew it was dumb and slammed him stick into the boards, making them rattle threateningly) but made up for it by coming right out and scoring a goal.
- the Caps gave up a 2-0 lead to let the Canes force OT
-Backstrom scored the winning goal, off a rebound from Mike Green doing a rink length rush. Kinda like this
- Alex Semin was more physical then I have seen. He also had some very slick moves
- I didnt see which Cane it was, but when they were behind the net, one of them got on Ovie's shoulder. Ovie literally shrugged the guy off, who went flying to the other side of the net
- Boyd Gordon was in Rod Brind'amour's face when they were on the ice together. I saw some friendly words exchanged, all in the spirit of sportsmanship of course
- Jeff Schultz gave one of the Canes a few shoves and for a moment I thought they might fight. Naturally, the guy was about a foot shorter then Schultz, but then who isnt?
- Victor Kozlov looked really good. At one point the Caps put up some text on the HD screen wecloming Kozlov as a free agent defenseman from the Islanders. Hm.
- Tom Poti is great on the point during the PP
- Steve Eminger threw some hard hits, but did nothing to really impress me

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Down with the Canes

The Caps are playing their first home pre-season game today at the Phone Booth (NOT at K-Plex, since there seems to be some confusion). The Caps are playing the Canes, who narrowly downed the Caps in Carolina last week.

If you have noticed the lack of game roundups on this blog, its because I dont usually do them. There are a couple reasons for this, the most prevalent being that when I am watching the game, I am simply terrible at looking at it from any analytical standpoint (in fact, I am pretty terrible at looking at hockey analytically, period). I am just a fan, rooting for my team, downing beer, looking for funny blog material, and cursing off the ref. I tried doing game roundups a few times during the playoffs, and they were not very good. That said, Mike Vogel and CapsChick do terrific roundups. CapsChick the highs and the lows, and Vogel can be counted on for an indepth look at the game.

As usual, I will have details on the funny, bone crushing, lame, and bizarre moments of the game, but those two bloggers usually have everything else. If you see me at the game tonight, please say hello. I'm hard to miss, since I am the only Indian around. You can find a general picture of me in the top left of this post. Just an approximate idea, really. Actually, I cant stand my outfit today so I might just wear something like that to the game. In which case, gotta go, I have body oil to apply and hair to curl.

NOTE: The author would like you to note the stunning similarities between herself and Padma Lakshmi. They could be twins.

Ovie in the Hockey News

I got my online copy of the Hockey News today and because I couldnt resist temptation, I opened it. I usually like to wait for my paper copy because seeing it nestled in my mailbox is a nice surprise to come home to. But, I was rewarded for opening it early with a feature on Ovie. You need a subscription for the link to work, but I am going to post the whole article here and hope the Hockey News doesnt sue me.

New centre, new expectations have Capitals star Alex Ovechkin geared up

Alex Ovechkin will have a new centre with the Washington Capitals this season and, for a change, a legitimate second line to go with more depth across the roster to help carry the load.

Even better, there are expectations his team will actually challenge for a playoff berth and make some noise in the Southeast Division - all reasons why the always-eager Russian winger is particularly geared up for the new campaign.

"We finally got more experienced guys like (Viktor) Kozlov, (Michael) Nylander, (Tom) Poti and we the young guys have more experience," the 22-year-old said on a conference call Monday.

"My goal is to make the playoffs."

A bevy of off-season moves were made with exactly that in mind.

The Capitals were 29-41-12 in 2005-06, Ovechkin's rookie season, and remained at the same level last season when they finished 28-40-14. Much of that time was spent identifying which young players would join Ovechkin in forming the nucleus of a contender.

Alexander Semin, another slick Russian winger, and defenceman Steve Eminger were two other key players to emerge while veteran Chris Clark elevated his game and took over as captain.

With the ever-reliable Olaf Kolzig still in goal, it's now up to the new guys like Nylander and Kozlov, who will centre the two top lines, and Poti, who will help anchor the blue-line, to push the team up another level.

"I think everybody understands we have to move forward," said Ovechkin. "That's why we signed good players."

Of course adding new players to the mix is one thing, while successfully integrating them is another and that's been one of the most closely watched issues so far at the Capitals training camp.

Some assumed that Nylander and Ovechkin would naturally be paired together but so far that hasn't been the case. Ovechkin has been skating with Kozlov and a variety of wingers while Nylander has been between Semin and 2006 first-round pick Nicklas Backstrom.

"Kozzie has good hands and he gets me the puck all the time," said Ovechkin. "I feel good right now on our line."

Ovechkin and Kozlov have some history together, skating on the same line at the 2006 Turin Olympics and training together in St. Petersburg, Russia over the summer with Semin, Evgeni Malkin, Sergei Gonchar and Alexander Radulov, among others.

"I feel comfortable with everybody, but Kozlov is like Zubie (Dainius Zubrus) in my first year," said Ovechkin. "(Zubrus) was my centre and it's a big difference when you can understand each other in the Russian language. Like right now Nylander is playing with Backstrom and they talk in Swedish and sometimes it can make a difference."

Any centre who plays with Ovechkin needs to be smart enough to give him the puck and then help create a seam for him to exploit his outstanding acceleration and dazzling puck-handling ability. Just two seasons into his career, the first overall pick in 2004 already boasts too many highlight reel goals to count.

Ovechkin scored 52 goals with 54 assists in his rookie season and followed that up with 46 goals and 46 assists last year. That slight dip has caused him to identify an area of his game that needs improvement.

"I have to concentrate on my shot," he said. "I have lots of shots in the games, I have great moments to shoot but my shot's not perfect. I have to practice more."

That's bad news for NHL goalies but good news for fans used to watching his electrifying play. That will include more fans in the Western Conference next season once the NHL adopts a new schedule format with teams facing each other at least once, a move Ovechkin approves of.

"I like travelling, I like to go to different cities, I like to see different cities, different people, different teams," he said. "It's an experience."

One city he'd like to go back to is Vancouver.

"Oh yeah," he said. "Great sushi over there."

Monday, September 24, 2007

If I were a betting woman....

This is what I would put my money on. I am basing this off of Tarik's line combos from this morning:


My guess at what we will most likely see this season. Again, its early, people still have time to explode/implode, etc., etc.

Anyone else thinking that Klepis is going to get cut loose soon?

Hair Gel being traded?

Interesting bit from Corey:

Another guy who won't be there is Steve Eminger. This is significant because this is three exhibition games and counting without Eminger in the lineup. After tonight, he will be the only guy (besides Eric Fehr and Daren Machesney, who are nursing injuries) left in camp who hasn't played. Maybe there aren't conclusions to be drawn from this fact, but I certainly would not be putting a lot of money on Eminger being in the lineup for the Caps on opening night at this point.
Hm. I like Steve Eminger, but dude hasnt shown three years. Coming into camp, my feeling on Eminger was that this was his last opportunity to show the Caps what he can do. I dont think he has achieved that, and I think that he must be expecting a trade by now.

Is it wrong to laugh?

What a dumbass.

Boyle got hurt in a freak locker room accident Saturday night after the Lightning's 2-1 preseason loss to Washington. The defenseman was distracted while hanging up his skate. The skate slipped off the hook and hit Boyle in his left wrist, severing three tendons.
The game Dan Boyle was hurt after was the Ning vs. the Caps, which the Caps won. Unfortunately, Center Ice online hates my laptop, so I wasnt able to watch any of the pre-season games. Thankfully, Mike Vogel makes it feel like you were there. Read his re-caps here.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

An open letter to hockey

X-posted to HLOG

Dear Hockey,

Welcome back! For a minute there, I thought you would be gone forever. I mean, when you hung out with Lockout and then started getting cold sores on your mouth, I thought we wouldnt see for a while. But you came back, and when you went on your break this year, time moved oh so slowly.

I really missed you Hockey. While you were gone, the world seemed to think I could possibly care about someone else, like Football. What a douche. He gets tons of money and media attention, but spends all his time getting arrested and torturing dogs. Obviously, Football has never been to Thunder Bay, Ontario. Nobody parties like the Dutch.

And then some slut named Soccer came along, like I would ever look sideways at her. Actually Hockey, I have to admit...I did look at her out of the corner of my eye. But only for a minute, and I started to get an itch down there when I did. Who knows where she has been...

But now you are back, and I can tell that poser Baseball to stop calling me. What's that, you heard that I was hanging out with Baseball? Well, I dont even want to dignify that with a response. And even if I was with Baseball, it was because I was lonely without you. Now that you are back, Baseball is out of my life and I will never have to look at those track marks on his arm again.

I'll see you this weekend Hockey.



PS: The author admits, she does enjoy baseball, soccer and even football. But hockey is her number 1 man.

Jerky the Salesman

A funny post from the City Paper:

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, members of the Washington Capitals’ Guest Services department have been trying to get me to re-up my two season tickets in Section 413 of the Verizon Center for the 2007–2008 campaign. They put forth a convincing argument for a long-time die-hard Caps fan such as myself: Discounted tickets, meet-the-team parties, various autographed memorabilia, a ticket-exchange program.


Several times in the last few weeks, I have received phone calls from my account representative, during which we’ve discussed my situation. Yesterday afternoon, however, upon seeing my rep’s phone number pop up once again on my ringing cell phone, I elected not to answer, as I was under a tight deadline. Oh, how I wish I had taken the time to answer that call. Because, this time, the Capitals were breaking out the big guns—literally.

They broke out defenseman Milan Jurcina.

If you want to hear the message Jurcina left him, click here. This might be funny, but I feel bad for these guys. Cold calling people who have not re-upped, especially when English is your second language? Not fun.

Hershey update

Tim Leone has some Hershey updates. I loved this part:

NOTES: Robitaille remains in the market for a name for his son. "I was going to say we're probably going to call him Bruce to get more ice time -- or Douglas [for Doug Yingst]," he joked.
Apparently Robitaille lost 5 lbs. this off season and put on some muscle to better compete for ice time. Leone also quotes him as saying:
I guess having a kid on the way is going to stop me from doing my [partying] stuff like the last two years," he said. "I'm more intense, more dedicated to hockey. I think it's one of the major things that changed me this summer, getting more quiet and staying at home and working more at the gym.
Um, how hard can you party in Hershey? I'm not knocking the place, but everything is about 5 miles apart. And has to do with chocolate.

Bobby Boswell is ridiculously nice

In addition to the Capitals, I have a ticket plan for the Nats, and half season tickets for DC United. I love all sports, and I need something to keep me from becoming too melancholy during the offseason. My friend Caroline will occasionally join me for soccer games, but usually she will hang out with her other friends who have better seats through their Screaming Eagles membership. Being a sports person, I understand.

The aforementioned friends of Caroline are full season ticket holders, and had the chance to attend the season ticket holder party that DC United throws. Caroline has a bit of crush on Bobby Boswell, because in addition to being a blogger, cereal lover, and all around nice guy, he (in Caroline's words) "is from Florida and has cheek bones sculpted by the Gods". If you havent guessed, Caroline is from Florida.

So, Bobby Boswell, being one of the fan friendliest professional athletes out there, filmed this for Caroline: (Caroline's friend Tim is the alto and his wife is filming):

Bobby Boswell is awesome. And, I'm pretty sure that Caroline's friends never have to buy her Christmas/birthday presents ever again.

The love goes on..

Tarik and Corey continue their pre-season blitz with profiles of Boumedienne and Flash, respectively.

Check out this quote in Tarik's article on Boumedienne:

"He likely came back for the league, lifestyle and money," Hanlon said. "Maybe not in that order. It's the best league in the world, and he can make more money playing here than in Europe. Not many people don't enjoy living over here."
Talk about candidness from team officials...

The Caps have a pre-season game against the Senators in Ottawa tonight, before the Senators come to town for a pre-season one on the 30th.

Finally, some love!

From Scott Burnside's ESPN chat (you have to have the "In" membership to view the whole thing, so the link not might work for those without it):

Ryan, DC: Scott, should I hold off on making plans this spring to make room for a Caps run in the playoffs?

SportsNation Scott Burnside: Well, I can say the Caps are our darkhorse team pick at At least for a little while in the spring, you should hang around. A lot of things will have to go right for the Caps. Nicklas Backstrom will have to be an NHL player. But the Caps have defined themselves as a very hard working, very physical team. I think they sneak in for the final playoff spot.

Jack (Denville, NJ): the suprise team of the 2007/08 NHL season will be.............

SportsNation Scott Burnside: I'm going to hedge my bets and give you a couple. I think the Caps are ready to make a move. I think the Blues will slide into a playoff spot. If you're looking for a negative slide - sadly, I think the Predators are looking to slide out of the playoffs.
Damn right Scotty!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More from Camp

Tarik has some funnies:

Update:Ovechkin and Kolzig just had a funny exhange on the ice. Fleischmann set up Ovechkin on a semi-breakaway. Ovechkin deked in front, but Kolzig stopped the shot with the very tip of his skate as he kicked out his leg at the last second. Skating away, Ovechkin shouted, "You lucky [bleep]!" To which Kozlig responded, "Lucky? Whatever you [bleep]!" It sounded like they were joking.

Update:Just had the first fight of camp: Clymer vs. Morrisson. Not sure what started it, but Morrisson was still mad after they were broken up, as he skated back toward Clymer and had some words for him.

Update:Another camp first: they are working on shootouts right now. Ovechkin fired high on his first attempt. Erskine scored on a deke, drawing some laughter and applause from his teammates.

Morrisson v. Clymer huh? Wonder what started that one, and who won. They are both kind of...willowy.

Tarik also says that he is expecting at least one trade. Here is how he see the line combos are going down today:

Ovechkin - Kozlov - ?
Semin - Nylander - ?
Pettinger - Gordon - Clark
Brashear - ? - ?

Here are the guys fighting for the remaining spots: Backstrom, Fleischmann, Clymer, Bradley, Sutherby, Laich, Steckel, Klepis and Bourque.

On defense:

Poti - Jucina
Morrisonn - Pothier
Boumedienne - ?

Here are the guys battling for a spot, either on the ice or in the pressbox: Eminger, Green, Schultz and Erskine.

My guess is:

Ovechkin - Kozlov - Flash
Semin - Nylander - Backstrom
Pettinger - Gordon - Clark
Brashear - Sutherby - Clymer

Poti - Jucina
Morrisonn - Pothier
Green - Schultz

I might be completely off the mark with the last combo, but I cant think that the Caps would let such promising young d-men get traded (unless the package was very, very good) or let Green go back to Hershey. Schultz might still get some time there, but I think Green is done there after last year's playoffs. Plus, if Poti and Jurcina continue to eat minutes, Green and Schultz wont have pressure to perform at a top level right away.

The question marks for me are Dave Steckel, who might just beat Brian Sutherby out for a spot. Its hard to believe that Sutherby was taken 16th overall in his draft class, and I think he has certainly not performed to expectations. Steckel has a chance to bump him off, but that fourth line also has to be gritty, and Steckel needs to put on more then a few pounds. Schultz too.

I'm not sure where Klepis and Bourque fit in, and they might have to do time in Hershey before getting a call up. From what I understand, Klepis isnt even signed yet.

Its still way early to be having this conversation, but its so tempting that I couldnt resist. We'll see how things shake down in two weeks and how players look in pre-season games.

Clymer & Green

Tarik profiles his "new favorite Cap" Ben Clymer, and Corey's got a handle on one of my faves, Mike Green (have you seen that fauxhawk? Its great). And, USA Today takes care of business with Michael Nylander.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Caps re-assign 19 to Hershey

From Tarik:

Here's the list: Dean Arsene, Scott Barney, Jay Beagle, Sean Collins, Andrew Gordon, Marty Guerin, Jamie Hunt, Andrew Joudrey, Quintin Laing, Sami Lepisto, Tommy Maxwell, Chris McAllister, Grant McNeill, Patrick McNeill, Jason Morgan, Travis Morin, Steve Pinizzotto, Grant Potulny, Steve Werner.

The Caps also released Dan Kronick.

Hershey's camp starts on Thursday.

Another good post

Faux Rumors has a comprehensive look at looming UFAs and RFAs that smart GM's should start signing to long term deals. This isnt a list of every UFA and RFA out there, just the ones that teams can/are being built upon. Very worthwhile reading.

Yes, folks we are hearing that teams/GM's have evidently learned from the mistakes of some of their colleagues this past season/summer, and are actively negotiating extensions with BOTH soon to be UFA's as well as RFA's. Only a season ago that would have been the exception. Most teams and players alike didn't like to even discuss contracts during a season.

From Japers Rink

JP has an excellent post on Francois Bouchard heading back to the QMJHL. Check it out.

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Both Corey and Tarik have some Caps news. Corey bids adieu to Karl with a K, and Tarik has something to say about another K-man, Viktor Kozlov. An interesting tidbit from Tarik's piece:

The most intriguing revelation about Kozlov's game, though, is how it seems to be meshing with left wing Alex Ovechkin's.


Yesterday, Coach Glen Hanlon acknowledged that Kozlov would center one of the Capitals' scoring lines, for now ending the debate about which position the 32-year-old will play in Washington.
And on Backstrom:
Meanwhile, Michael Nylander, the Capitals' more significant offensive acquisition this summer, has been centering a line with left wing Alex Semin, the club's second most dangerous offensive player behind Ovechkin. If those combinations remain intact -- there's no guarantee they will -- that would almost certainly mean Nicklas Backstrom, the club's No. 4 overall pick in 2006, will move from center to the wing this season. Backstrom, in fact, skated on the right side of Nylander and Semin yesterday.
Never a bad thing for the Caps to have depth.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Karl with a K

I couldnt possibly like him any more then I do. Really. From Corey:

"I noticed in the first period I had a lot of options. I guess it was really fast and I was just a little bit behind the pace and didn't make the tape-to-tape passes," Alzner said. "I think I stayed in the loop pretty good and I was a part of things. I wasn't a standout, but I am happy to get one now. My hands were shaking. I was telling [teammates] that my hands were shaking so much in between periods because I didn't know what to expect."

Alzner is earning a well-deserved reputation as a quote machine, and today was no different. He referred to a conversation he had after the first period with "Mr. Pettinger." When asked about it, he said he won't start calling guys by their nicknames until he makes the team.
NOTE: Alzner, Bouchard and Godfrey were sent back to their junior teams today. Not a huge surprise, but it feels nice to know that they are in system, no?

And more from Corey:
The most interesting nugget from coach Glen Hanlon's post-practice talk -- he said Viktor Kozlov is going to begin the season as a center. Kozlov's versatility was viewed by a lot of people as big bonus, and he will almost surely see time on a wing at some point in the season, but Hanlon said he wants to see Viktor in the middle during camp.

The obvious follow-up question is where does Nicklas Backstrom fit in? Yesterday he was skating as a right wing, but Hanlon said he could start the season on the left side. If that is the case, it likely wouldn't be with one of the top two lines, since there are a couple of Russian guys in his way.

Where to begin...

This weekend the East Coast ladies of HLOG joined Rebecca and I for a I-95 HLOG convention. We (Becca, Steph, Ellie, Teka, Pookie and Schnookie) spent most of the weekend in Ballston, watching the Caps practice at K-Plex. We spent the rest of the time drinking until we couldnt feel our faces. If you have not already, I would really recommend heading out there to check the Caps out. The facilities are beautiful (in fact, several of the people we were with commented on how nice the rink is, compared to where their teams practice).

Some highlights from both days:

- Alex Semin was wiping out all over the place on Sunday. At one point, he was just skating around and fell backward before steadying himself with his stick.


- Nylander looked terrific on the ice. On Sunday, the coaches had the players partially sprinting, and then leisurely skating the length of the ice. A lot of the players, especially the younger ones, were mailing it in. Nylander went hard every time it was his turn to sprint. At one point he and Alex Semin seemed to be racing each other, with Nylander narrowly winning. Considering that Semin is about a decade younger, I was pretty impressed.

- Nylander and Semin were also practicing drills together, and Nylander was really impressive. He handled the puck around sharp turns really well, while Semin was wiping out on the same drills.


- Milan Jurcina and Jakub Klepis were pretty funny on the ice. They were shooting pucks after practice, and had a little one on one going on. Jurcina used his much larger frame to give Klepis a few friendly shoves, until Klepis grabbed his stick and tried to pull the 245 lb. Jurcina toward him. This didnt work out so well for Klepis, and he ended up with Jurcina pushing him headfirst toward the ice.


- Ovie and Olie had a little rivalry going while playing on different scrimmage squads. Ovie started it off by doing a little boogie once Olie was scored on. Olie did his own little dance when his squad evened it up.

It did my soul good to see some hockey, and I cant wait for the pre-season games next week. I am still playing catch up from this weekend, but I noticed the Caps lost to the Canes in overtime. Considering that we sent a squad that was primarily made up of rookies, and the Canes played most of their regular season players, I am pleased.

On a side note, one of my favorite bloggers has retired (I'm already itching for a comeback). DC Sports Chick is a funny, knowledgeable, and kind blogger, not to mention one of the few females in the DC blogosphere. She will be sorely missed. Thank you DCSC for some great reading.

Side note #2: Eric McErlain has a new podcast.

Pictures courtesy of Teka.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wash Times

The Washington Post has never before had a rival for my affections, because for non-hockey related reasons I pretty much refused to read the Washington Times. There is the DCist, and the City Paper, but the WaPo always reigned supreme in my heart. Tarik simply had the best coverage, out of only a few options to being with. Plus, I heart Steinz.

Times have a changed. Capital Addiction staff has carefully reviewed our policy on the Washington Times and decided it doesnt apply to hockey coverage, since we are limited in hockey coverage. So, I would like to point you to Washington Times reporter Corey Masisak's new Capitals blog (a la Tarik) which I am already a big fan of.

And now, news from (Mr? Ms.? Mrs.?) Masisak:

Right wing Eric Fehr and defenseman Dean Arsene failed their physicals today and won't participate when camp starts tomorrow
From what Corey says, its because of injury reasons, not a summer spent at their local all-you-can-eat Mongolian BBQ. Fehr has a back/hip injury that dates to last season, and Arsene had sports hernia surgery during the summer. Remember that its the same surgery Clymer had to have this offseason and the Caps pulled him out of the season early so he could get started on his rehab. Considering that Arsene and the Hershey Bears went to the Calder Cup finals in May, he could not have had much time for surgery and rehab.

From the Caps Newsletter

Maybe I'll see you there on Saturday!
Fan Fest

The Washington Capitals open training camp with a special Fan Fest beginning Friday, Sept. 14-16, at Kettler Capitals Iceplex in Arlington, Va. Alongside practices and scrimmages that are open to the public and free of charge, fans can enjoy giveaways, player autograph signings, a town hall meeting and much more.

Below is a quick glance at what's on tap for Fan Fest: DC 101's Elliot in the Morning Show will broadcast live from 6-10 a.m. Fans will get the chance to skate for free during the show from 7-9 a.m.

Kettler Capitals Iceplex will host numerous fan-friendly activities and interactive games. The Hockey Hall of Fame trophies will be on display, along with face painters and a caricature artist.

The team will take the ice on both of the Iceplex' sheets of ice for the first practices of camp at 10:30 a.m. on Friday. Click here to see an expanded on-ice camp schedule.

Following practice, on-ice clinics with former Cap Joe Reekie and player autograph signings will fill the afternoon hours.

A special town hall-style meeting with chairman and majority owner Ted Leonsis, team captain Chris Clark and goaltender Olie Kolzig will make the first day of Fan Fest one to remember.

The opening day of training camp also marks the first opportunity for fans to purchase the Capitals' new red, white and blue jerseys. The jerseys, available for $115 at Kettler Capitals Iceplex, will be Rbk Premier Replicas without names or numbers; fans will have the opportunity to get the jerseys personalized for $60.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Check out Tarik today

He has lots of good tidbits himself, and does a nice piece on Karl with a K.

According to Tarik, Fehr has been seen around the Kett, but doesnt look 100%. GMGM says that the Caps are going to take their time with his back injury, and likens it to one that Brian Sutherby dealt with a few years ago. Fehr is a top prospect, and I am glad the Caps are sticking with their patient approach to players in this instance...although, what choice do they have?

camp highlights

I was way too tired last night to download the pics from Rookie Camp, but here are the highlights:

- Tommy Maxwell looked like taking penalties was his job. In the brief time I was at the rookie scrimmage (about an hour or so) I saw him in the box at least three times. After the third time, he slammed his stick on the ice, and looked really pissed at himself as he skated to the box.

-Tyler Sloan looked good. Again, I wasnt there for too long, but he made several good plays that caught my attention. And he is a big boy at 6-3, 205 lb.

- Donald Brashear was playing with the rookies. Word around the rink was that one of rookie teams was short of forwards so Brash was playing. The rookies gave him a little bit of a berth, but he was great with them. He was on the ice with a shift that scored a goal, and he made sure he knocked sticks with every rookie on his team.

- From below...Josh Godfrey actually picked someone up and slammed them into the boards. I couldnt see who it was, but the kid had maybe one skate trailing on the ground before he went splaaaat. Godfrey looks very solidly built.

- Every now and then, we would catch sight of Hanlon and GMGM watching from the area above the rink. Ted Leonsis joined them for a bit, and many of the vets were watching from the glass on arena level.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rookie Camp today

I was there with Caps Chick and Biff, and will have photos and tidbits shortly.

Godfrey actually picked someone up and slammed them into the boards. I couldnt see who it was, but the kid had maybe one skate trailing on the ground before he went splaaaat.

Monday, September 10, 2007

As usual...

Caps Chick has the lowdown.

Great video and pics of rookie camp and the Caps (those in town already) at Kettler.

Gil on Ovie's blog

Dont hate, Gil.

Alexander Ovechkin has a blog now, I see. I met him when he first came to D.C. He used to come to the games front row and to practice too and watch me play because both of his parents play basketball. So I heard he had a little skill and he gave me his jersey. I like watching the Capitals games just to see people getting hit against the glass. That’s my thing; watching people get hammered against the glass. As far as his blog goes, anybody can have a blog -- monkeys can have blogs -- but if it’s not good or funny than it’s not good or funny. The problem with athletes getting blogs now is that they get blogs thinking they can hide away from the media, but, no, you still have to talk to the media. It’s just something that’s added to put fans in your everyday life, that’s all. You give yourself a little bit of a human side.
Thanks to Steinberg for the hit.

Make up your mind already!

Maybe its just me, but I find this whole "to retire or not to retire" crap being played out by Scott Niedermayer and Teemu Selanne to be, well...crap.

Congrats to both of them. They had an amazing season, Selanne finally got to hoist the Cup, Niedermayer won a Cup alongside his brother, blah blah, all is right in the world.

But in my opinion, they are wiping out all those nice, happy thoughts that a lot of fans had for them with this drawn out retirement nonsense. Look, I get that this is a big decision, but they have already had the entire summer. Its September, and camp is starting. They are screwing their teammates by taking so long to decide, and no matter how many times Brian Burke says that he doesnt mind, I know that his dentist must have given him a mouth guard by now to stop him from grinding his teeth.

Niedermayer says that he thinks he will need at least 4 weeks to get in shape for the season, which means that while he was making his decision, he didnt bother to get in shape for the season. For a guy who claims that he is really on the fence, that is awfully asshole-ish.

So Special Nieds and Selanne: decide already!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I have the plague

Or what feels like it.

Since I am taking lots of lovely medicine, I am in no state to type much. In fact, please ignore any typos here. For Caps news, I shall point you to my favorite sites:

DC Cheapseats
Japers Rink

DC Sports Chick
DC Sports Bog
On Frozen Blog

Now, I am going to go watch SoapNet while spraying my throat with that stuff that makes your whole face numb. There is always a silver lining!