Wednesday, September 12, 2007

camp highlights

I was way too tired last night to download the pics from Rookie Camp, but here are the highlights:

- Tommy Maxwell looked like taking penalties was his job. In the brief time I was at the rookie scrimmage (about an hour or so) I saw him in the box at least three times. After the third time, he slammed his stick on the ice, and looked really pissed at himself as he skated to the box.

-Tyler Sloan looked good. Again, I wasnt there for too long, but he made several good plays that caught my attention. And he is a big boy at 6-3, 205 lb.

- Donald Brashear was playing with the rookies. Word around the rink was that one of rookie teams was short of forwards so Brash was playing. The rookies gave him a little bit of a berth, but he was great with them. He was on the ice with a shift that scored a goal, and he made sure he knocked sticks with every rookie on his team.

- From below...Josh Godfrey actually picked someone up and slammed them into the boards. I couldnt see who it was, but the kid had maybe one skate trailing on the ground before he went splaaaat. Godfrey looks very solidly built.

- Every now and then, we would catch sight of Hanlon and GMGM watching from the area above the rink. Ted Leonsis joined them for a bit, and many of the vets were watching from the glass on arena level.


Rage said...

A security guard in my building looks JUST like 100% resemblance. I occasionally hug him and thank him for bringing in Nyls.

I think there's a restraining order out for me right now.

Shmee said...

I think there's a restraining order out for me right now.

No shock here buddy:)