Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Down with the Canes, part deux

The Caps won 3-2 over the Canes last night in OT. Here are the highlights:

- new HD screen is mesmerizing. You can actually see everything going on. I caught myself staring at the screen more then the ice.
- Mike Green has improved a some areas. He was an offensive powerhouse last night, but he still took a couple of dumb penalties. In the first five minutes of the game, he went to the box for delay of the game (he knew it was dumb and slammed him stick into the boards, making them rattle threateningly) but made up for it by coming right out and scoring a goal.
- the Caps gave up a 2-0 lead to let the Canes force OT
-Backstrom scored the winning goal, off a rebound from Mike Green doing a rink length rush. Kinda like this
- Alex Semin was more physical then I have seen. He also had some very slick moves
- I didnt see which Cane it was, but when they were behind the net, one of them got on Ovie's shoulder. Ovie literally shrugged the guy off, who went flying to the other side of the net
- Boyd Gordon was in Rod Brind'amour's face when they were on the ice together. I saw some friendly words exchanged, all in the spirit of sportsmanship of course
- Jeff Schultz gave one of the Canes a few shoves and for a moment I thought they might fight. Naturally, the guy was about a foot shorter then Schultz, but then who isnt?
- Victor Kozlov looked really good. At one point the Caps put up some text on the HD screen wecloming Kozlov as a free agent defenseman from the Islanders. Hm.
- Tom Poti is great on the point during the PP
- Steve Eminger threw some hard hits, but did nothing to really impress me

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