Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wash Times

The Washington Post has never before had a rival for my affections, because for non-hockey related reasons I pretty much refused to read the Washington Times. There is the DCist, and the City Paper, but the WaPo always reigned supreme in my heart. Tarik simply had the best coverage, out of only a few options to being with. Plus, I heart Steinz.

Times have a changed. Capital Addiction staff has carefully reviewed our policy on the Washington Times and decided it doesnt apply to hockey coverage, since we are limited in hockey coverage. So, I would like to point you to Washington Times reporter Corey Masisak's new Capitals blog (a la Tarik) which I am already a big fan of.

And now, news from (Mr? Ms.? Mrs.?) Masisak:

Right wing Eric Fehr and defenseman Dean Arsene failed their physicals today and won't participate when camp starts tomorrow
From what Corey says, its because of injury reasons, not a summer spent at their local all-you-can-eat Mongolian BBQ. Fehr has a back/hip injury that dates to last season, and Arsene had sports hernia surgery during the summer. Remember that its the same surgery Clymer had to have this offseason and the Caps pulled him out of the season early so he could get started on his rehab. Considering that Arsene and the Hershey Bears went to the Calder Cup finals in May, he could not have had much time for surgery and rehab.


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Tarik reports that Alzner calls all the vets "Mr. Pettinger" or "Mr. Ovechkin" until he makes the team.

This is the stuff the prophecy foretold.