Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Some odds and ends

Dan Steinberg's got the drop on Caps news today:

1. No ice girls for the 07-08 season, but dont rule it out yet for 08-09

2. One lucky fan (and junior hockey player) got to practice with the Caps

3. Caps love = wedded bliss. If you dont know what the hell that means, click on the link

I'll try to update if anything crazy breaks (Ovie signs with Caps, gives them home team discount: Crosby holds presser to say "I did it first!") but otherwise, consider me out till Labor Day. Hope everyone has a great holiday, and returns ready for rookie camp!

NOTE: Training and Rookie Camp schedule has been released and is here. HLOG ladies on the East Coast -- I cant wait to see you there!


Rage said...

This HLOG is sommme sort of oconspiracy to get back up at us for the Master s thing, isn't it?

Drunk commenting is probably not a good idea. :-( ?

Shmee said...

On the contrary, drunk commenting is a great idea, and strongly encouraged by Capital Addiction staff. They have been known to drunk blog, get up the the next morning, and start deleting entries like "Why size matters in hockey sticks and life".

Steph said...

Shmee, I would love to see your post on "Why size matters in hockey sticks and life" :P

And despite being very much not near the east coast...I will see you soon too! Whoo training camp!