Thursday, September 20, 2007

Finally, some love!

From Scott Burnside's ESPN chat (you have to have the "In" membership to view the whole thing, so the link not might work for those without it):

Ryan, DC: Scott, should I hold off on making plans this spring to make room for a Caps run in the playoffs?

SportsNation Scott Burnside: Well, I can say the Caps are our darkhorse team pick at At least for a little while in the spring, you should hang around. A lot of things will have to go right for the Caps. Nicklas Backstrom will have to be an NHL player. But the Caps have defined themselves as a very hard working, very physical team. I think they sneak in for the final playoff spot.

Jack (Denville, NJ): the suprise team of the 2007/08 NHL season will be.............

SportsNation Scott Burnside: I'm going to hedge my bets and give you a couple. I think the Caps are ready to make a move. I think the Blues will slide into a playoff spot. If you're looking for a negative slide - sadly, I think the Predators are looking to slide out of the playoffs.
Damn right Scotty!

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