Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Zubrus to stay in Buffalo?

After the Caps were not able to come to terms with Dainius Zubrus during the season and traded the pending free agent to Buffalo, there was a lot of speculation that Zubie would end up back in D.C. before long. Not so anymore. The Buffalo News is running an article today about Zubie's possible signing in Buffalo. In fact, when the Caps came to Buffalo to play the Sabres after the trade, Zubrus seemed like he was pretty happy in his new environs. Yesterday, Zubrus had this to say to the media:

“The best part is hockey. When you have a winning team it’s much easier to come to the rink. Hockey will be a huge part of my decision.”
I am hoping that Zubrus ends up back in Washington. They picked up a center in Backstrom (who will likely either play center for Ovie or Semin), but Zubrus would give them a solid, experienced center for a dangerous first line with Ovechkin and possibly Clark on the wing. A Backstrom/Semin combo would give the Caps a great second line, and depth. Not to mention, Ovie is very comfortable with Zubrus, and I'm sure wouldnt mind having his good friend and mentor back in town.


Rage said...

Zuby is going to cost us a couple million minimum. Weren't we offering him $3-$4MM per?

I'd rather spend a little more on a better center, frankly, and try out Flash, Fehr, Clark, et al. on the top two RW spots.

In other words, Ovy - Free Agent - Clark
Semin - Backis - Fehr/Flash
Third Line
Fourth Line

Shmee said...

I have to admit that a lot of me wanting Zubie back has to do with affection, and not necessarily that he would be the perfect choice for us.

But, we do have an "in" with him and I think its not going to be easy to lure a lot of top players to Washington. And Zubie deserves to be in that group of centers we should consider.