Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fan Interaction

Tonight, instead of being the hockey fan in the bar who mumbles under her breath and nurses her LaBatt, I thought I would reach out to my fellow hockey lovers watching the Sens v Sabres game at Ventnor Sports Bar in Adams Morgan.

I was the only one in the bar cheering for the Senators, which I thought for sure would cause a Sabres fan to break a bottle over my head by the end of the night. But, as much as Sabres fans get a bad rap, I had the pleasure of hanging out with three very nice ones. Vanessa, Joe and Thom with an H all assured me that their second favorite team is the Caps. I didnt let them get away easy though, I asked a series of hard hitting questions:

Shmee: What would I get if I decided to become a Sabres fan?
Thom with an H: The knowledge that whatever city you went to, you would always be able to find fellow Sabres fan. (This was seconded by Joe)
Shmee: Nothing shiny, like a prize?
Thom with an H: Um, no.

Shmee: What do you think of the new Sabres logo?
Joe: I dont like it, I think it looks like a slug.
Shmee: Oh. (note: this blogger has heroically refrained from posting a picture of a Sabres player next to a picture of a slug)

Shmee: Why do you like the Sabres?
Joe: Well, I am from Buffalo, so I grew up a fan. And this team is just like the little engine that could...I believe in them.
Shmee:What color engine?
Joe: What? Um, blue?

They were great to hang out with and I would definitely recommend Ventnor to watch any sporting event, especially hockey. Plus, they all had reason to rejoice as the Sabres clawed their way back from a three game deficit to force a game 5 in Buffalo on Saturday. The only bad part of the night? The one rude Sabres fan who had to say something snide as I was leaving the bar. After tonight, I can honestly say that he gives Sabres fans an undeserved bad name.


Ally Sinistra said...

Haha! Nothing shiny? What about the Stanley Cup?

Shmee said...

Good point!