Monday, May 21, 2007

weekend update

The Bears beat the crap beat the Manchester Monarchs this weekend in the first two games of the conference final. The total score for both games was 11-3. Caps defensive prospect Mike Green now has at least one point in four consecutive games, something Caps Coach Glen Hanlon will be happy about after Green was sent back down to Hershey this season to work on his offense. Green is considered to be a d-man with offensive upside, rather then a stay at home guy. Here is a great video of Green displaying some of that upside.

A lot of credit for these wins also goes to goalie Freddie Cassivi, who spent approximately half of game two with the Bears on the penalty kill. Games three and four take place in Manchester this week.


Rage said...

OFB did a good story about Bruce Boudreau and how he deserves a ton of credit for this. I completely agree.

Shmee said...

Thanks for the heads up. checking it out now. I am just catching up on my hockey reading for today:)