Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blog bizness

Just a quick note: When I started this blog, I lumped all the hockey links together in one list. I figured we were all erudite enough to figure out which ones were Caps links (Caps Chick, Caps Buzz, etc). Since then, I have recieved a lot of requests to add links on the site. I am always happy to do this and anything else to help the hockey blogging community grow.

That said, I went ahead and restructured the lists into Caps links and general hockey links. If I didn't move your link over, many apologies and you can email me at I promise to rectify the mistake ASAP!

In general, feel free to send me links to any hockey sites that you like. As long as they aren't claiming OJ's innocent, or any other nonsense, I am happy to link to them.

Thank you for reading and your feedback!


Rage said...

Two people in my office SWEAR on their lives that OJ is innocent.

I was too young at the time to understand the details of the case (I think I was 11-13 or something), but wasn't it open and shut?

Shmee said...

I was around 10, so I was way too young to remember anything except if the glove dont fit, you must acquit. Really, how could you forget that one?

Rage said...

Are we twins or something? This is getting ridiculous. Same age, both brown, both like hockey. What the heck?

I'm natively from VA though, so at least I've got that going for me.

Shmee said...


I am from NJ, so I'm of inferior birth. Actually, I am back in the Garden State for Memorial Day weekend.

Rage said...

Well I live in Brooklyn, so if you're headed into the city, let me know at abagrawal at gmail dot com.

And seriously, we have to be related then. There's can't be more than 3 Indian hockey fans in the world.