Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Not Good

A bunch of a--holes punched a female Sabres fan in the face "repeatedly" after the Senators lost Game 4 of the Eastern Finals in Ottawa last Wednesday.

Cyril Leeder, the Senators chief operating officer, said Friday the team has offered tickets to Renee Luck after learning the Buffalo woman was repeatedly punched in the face following the Sabres' 3-2 win in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals Wednesday.

Luck's face was swollen and cut after she was assaulted by two men as she and a group of friends were leaving their seats at Scotiabank Place. Luck was rescued by other Senators fans.

Ottawa police have identified suspects but have not pressed charges.

"We don't condone that kind of activity," Leeder said after the team arrived in Buffalo in preparation for Game 5 on Saturday. "This is the least we should be doing in this case.
Instead of just offering her free tickets, why doesnt Ottawa ensure her that this will never happen and send a message by banning those who assaulted her from Senators games if they are proven guilty?
Leeder added the team would also consider revoking the suspects' ticket rights if they are convicted.
"Consider"?? So you dont condone the incident but you would only "consider" revoking thier ticket rights? Why doesnt the Senator's organization "consider" the safety of other fans? If they are proven guilty, I wouldnt want violent idiots like that around me or my family at a game.


Ally S. said...

what bullshit. hope renee luck is doing ok!!

Rage said...

I think they'd do right by the woman when all is said and done. My guess is that "consider" was included in this type of context:

Reporter: Would you ban for life the perpetrator if found guilty?
Leeder: That's absolutely something we would consider. This kind of act is not acceptable blah blah blah...

Shmee said...

I think stronger language is needed though. The woman got repeatedly punched in the face. She deserved more then "consider".

Rage said...

Fair enough. I obviously can't speak on this issue like you can as a gal. Either way, it's a bad situation.