Wednesday, May 30, 2007

NHL in the future for Boudreau?

This is a good article about Hershey Bears Coach Bruce Boudreau. I know his name has been mentioned a number of times as a possible replacement for Glen Hanlon, should he get the ax. Personally, I hope the Caps keep Hanlon around but its clear that Boudreau is eager to make the jump.

Fans in Washington were clamouring for his promotion given that club’s disappointing 2006-07 season. And Boudreau has a heck of a resumé with the Calder Cup, the ECHL title and trip to the Turner Cup finals in the old IHL among his coaching accomplishments.

“This is our second finals in a row,” said Boudreau. “I think our teams have been pretty well prepared. We’ll let the people in the higher-ups make the decision.


Ally Sinistra said...

I like Hanlon too. I remember when people were saying that Bryan Murray should get axed in the beginning of the season. Give the guy a chance!

Shmee said...

I def think Hanlon has been making the best of what he has, but I think that after the 07-8 season all bets are off in terms of job security for Hanlon, McPhee etc. This season has to go well for them.