Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Willa Ford-Modano (almost)

David Amber at ESPN does the occasional interview with a hockey player, coach or model/actress/reality show contestant type. In this case, the model/actress is Willa Ford, who used to be on some reality show I never watched and had a hit song I never heard. Her current claim to hockey fame is that she is engaged to Dallas Star Mike Modano.

Ford is one of a handful of B-listers who are writing playoff blogs for NHL.com. I checked them out a couple weeks ago and some of them were okay, but I stopped reading them after I got to Christy Brinkley's and she called herself a "passionate Islanders fan", then said she had just attended her first hockey game. Ever. And that she disapproved of fighting in hockey. You lost me there, Christy.

Anyway, Willa's inteview with David Amber is definitely worth reading. Some parts are unintentionally funny, while others are strikingly candid. As you read the piece, it becomes clear that Mike Modano is in the room with her while she is giving her phone interview, so its pretty safe to say that she is expressing both their points of view. Some of the highlights are:

Q: What was it like watching Mike play in what was the most dramatic first-round series -- that seven-game series loss to the Canucks

A: It was tough, lots of ups and downs. There are some holes in the system when it comes to the Stars right now. There are some changes that need to be made and I think everyone is pretty aware of it. Within the coaching staff, you know that "too many cooks in the kitchen" thing; there's a bit of a struggle. One head coach is saying one thing and then you have another coach saying another. They either need to come together on that or see eye to eye because it's a little confusing to the guys, I think. This is all stuff I noticed firsthand.
Regarding Modano getting another chance at the Cup:
The team has got to go out and get his wingers for him. There are just a couple of things that need to happen because there is a lot going on that is very frustrating for him. And last year, when they didn't make it past the first round of the playoffs, it was like, "Oh, let's throw it on Mike's back because he's the captain and make him an assistant captain now." I mean, that was the cheesiest thing. That was the most classless thing the organization has ever done.
More on Modano losing his Captaincy:
A: I was completely flabbergasted and pissed off to be quite honest with you. I mean, how rude....Mike's leadership has never been an issue. Mike speaks and the guys listen. Mike's feeling is, "I'm not here to baby-sit these guys. As a captain, I'm not here to baby-sit and check on people. Everyone has their job. My job is to make the whole thing work. Everybody come together, I need to speak when it's time for me to speak, but otherwise, there is no need to baby-sit people."

I think the staff and the GM [Doug Armstrong] have a different idea of what a captain should be. They think a captain should be yelling at their team. They think a captain should be absolutely as verbal as possible. I know from running a household with Mike how he can be quiet; but when he says something, it can be very powerful. I really think it was one of the saddest moments of Mike's career, I really do. It was a long time coming to even get the captaincy. He waited a long time, considering [Derian] Hatcher was there and he already had it
....I think the whole thing was really nasty, how it went down.

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