Thursday, May 17, 2007

Summer lovin', had me a blast...

Its a slow news day for the Caps, after yesterday's announcement about signing 2006 top draft pick Nicklas Backstrom. Nothing new on the Chris Pronger end either, just some endless re-hashing. So here is today's Caps news, courtesy of the latest ESPN Magazine, about the summer plans of a few players.

Chris Clark: A huge Bosox fan, the Caps cap took in opening day at Fenway.
Matt Pettinger: Vacationed in Barcelona in mid-April
Around the league:
RJ Umberger (Flyers): He's finishing his bachelor's degree in business marketing at Ohio State.
Joe Piskula (Kings): After leaving the U. of Wisconsin to join the NHL in March, the defenseman went back to school three days after the season ended.
There is also something in there about Flyers forward Geoff Sanderson putting a diaphragm in his mouth to lure wild male turkeys to him, then shooting them. You are on your own if you want to read that one.

Note: I forgot to add that there is also an excellent article on UFC fighter Chuck Liddell in the Mag. Definitely worth reading.


Rage said...

Pretty big fan of people making fun of the Flyers. But poor Umberger. Hopefully he'll just retire before his brain stops working.

Shmee said...

I was more then a little shocked myself to read that....