Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Around the internets

The Mike Green train continued its roll yesterday, this time steaming over the Senators. And dont they sound a bit bitter about their third season loss to the Caps? From Tarik:

"You can tell they feel confident playing us," Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson said. "They have nothing to lose."
Corey calls it a "barrage" against the Senators, and I couldnt agree more:
"I think we are a different hockey team than we were, say, six weeks or a month ago," goaltender Olie Kolzig said. "We're confident. We're scoring goals. We're winning a lot more than we are losing, and I think we are starting to believe we are a good hockey team."
On the injury front, the Caps lost Semin and Poti during the game. As of now, the injuries are not supposed to be serious.

And some Ovie contract news. True or not? Who knows.

In other hockey news:

BB's daughter is an ice girl...for the Senators.

The Ottawa Sun on Brashear.

Some more player tidbits from the game.

Crosby scored the winning SO goal in the Winter Classic. Isnt that cuter then crap?



1) OK, first with regards to the AO trade story. Look at the source, the Ottawa Sun. They have NO isdie informatyion about offers, etc. They know diddly! Its merely wishful thinking
2) Even if Ovechkin were to go unsigned july 1st, he's going no where! It shouldn't get that far, but even if it did he will remain Cap property until at least the 2011-20012 season.
3) We are hearing that negotiations are ongoing(they were stalled for a couple of months) and are progressing well. we may even have a deal before this month is over.
4) Until you actually hear a negative quote from one of the parties inviolved, things are going fine. Onceit gets into the press, then you'll know there is a real problem
5) The Caps real issue this spring summer will be goaltending and signing emerging star Mike Green to salary cap friendly deals!

Shmee said...

As always, you make good points. Its not the NYP, so we'll link to it, but its hard to think that all this is well sourced.