Thursday, January 10, 2008


I am wowing for two reasons. 1) Ovie contract extention. 2) I was so busy at work today, I FORGOT that the "Meet the Team" party for STH'ers was tonight (smacks forehead). If I wasnt going to make it, I would have liked to give the ticket to a Cap Addiction reader.

But in bigger news then my airhead moment, Ovie is ours. And we are never going to let him go! Do I sound like the stalker in one of those Lifetime movies, or what?

Alex Ovechkin's new deal is worth $124 million over 13 years and will keep the star winger in Washington through 2020-21. It's believed to be the wealthiest deal in NHL history.

The first six years are $9 million per, the last seven years are $10 per.

I'm a happy gal tonight for a lot of reasons. We get one of the best players in the world locked up for the forseeable future. At the end of his contract, AO will only be 35. That said, I think the length of the contract is a bit ridiculuous. There is no doubt that AO wasnt going to sign for less then 8.5-10mil a year. But 13 years? I didnt agree with the DiPietro contract, or the Richards one, or the Yashin one for that matter. And as much as I am a fan, I cant help but find the length excessive. A lot can happen in that time. Again though, I am certainly happy to have AO on the Caps.

This is also a happy moment because all those "well sourced" folks, who had Ovie moving to the Oilers/Habs/Rangers/Superleague/PGA circuit/Real Madrid for 15 mil a year, three live-in Playboy bunnies, a Siberian tiger and his own cotton candy machine, will finally shut up. Actually, what am I talking about? They will just move on to Dion Phaneuf.

Another plus? Its more money then Sidney Crosby is gonna get. He is probably crying in Mario's arms right now, while wailing and beating at him with his fists as he shouts "Why? WHHHHYYY? OVECHKIN!".

Lets also remember that Ovie has not cleaned the Caps out. They still have room to sign the Mike Greens of the world. Even with their off season aquisitions (Nylander, Poti, Backstrom, Kozlov), the Caps have a little under 40 mil in payroll this season (projected, because of bonuses), and about the same number (actually a little less) projected for next season. Next year's numbers of course dont include people who are UFA/RFA after this season, but the point is that the Caps still have about 13 mil to fill a couple holes - and that is based on this year's salary cap. The cap will certainly go up a bit next year. Donard Brashear is a UFA next season, as well as Matt Bradley and Olie Kolzig. Mike Green, Boyd Gordon, Brooks Laich, Shaone Morrisson and Steve Eminger round out the RFA list. While the Caps had to pay 3.46 mil to the Rangers for Jagr this year, that money does not go against the cap (though, it must effect the budget) and there is the possibility that they may not have to pay the money next year, which is dependent on Jagr hitting a series of benchmarks.

So, tomorrow night, knock back a straight vodka in salute to Ovie. I certainly will be.

PS: It was pretty classy of AO to thank Glen Hanlon during his contract announcement speech tonight. Until his Thanksgiving Day firing, Hanlon was the only NHL coach that AO has known.


HabsFan29 said...

But he was supposed to come to the Habs, dammit! Eklund said so!

I could go on and on about how 13 years is ridiculous, but we're just jealous.


1) We weighed in today on the long term deals that are now apparently common.
2) While Sid will be gettting less than AO for the next 5 years, its almost a done deal that when Sid's contract expires in 5 years(he'll only be 25!) he will get MUCH more than AO.
3) We like the deal if for no other reason than Ovechkin plays hard and isn't a whiner. A leader by example. The only negative we can see is that the way he plays he may be prone to injury(especially as he gets older)
4) All in all it a positive day for caps fans.(Until you get your ticket invoices for next season) ; )