Saturday, December 29, 2007

Strangely nervous...

for tonights game. Well, not so strangely since the Caps dropped the Sens 4-1 back in November, which makes the Senators a team with something to prove during this game (did I mention that the Caps snapped an 8 game win streak for the Sens in November?). And AO is questionable for tonight's game. Definitely a little nervous.

There is nothing like a little rival bashing to take my mind off being nervous, so here is a bit of controversy from the Pens-Caps game:

Ovechkin went almost immediately to the visitors' locker room at Mellon Arena for medical treatment after suffering the cut. But he said he had to wait for the Penguins' medical staff to finish tending to a Pittsburgh player, and therefore ended up missing the rest of the game.

Coach Bruce Boudreau was not pleased by the delay.

"You make your assumptions on that," Boudreau said. "I don't know why. I'm just told that it took upwards of a half-hour."

Ovechkin added: "If he comes earlier, maybe I play. I don't know. It's over now."

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1) Would be VERY impressed if the caps managed to win again in Ottawa. Looks like they(sens) feel have something to prove. Its our lock tonight(sorry)
2) We'd put $$ on AO playing tonight. Also looks like Gabby saw the error of his ways and is reuniting the Laing-Bradley-Steckel line.
3)Can see Pettinger sitting. For the caps sake hopefully that'll do to him what sitting out did for Pothier! Looking forward to seeing Ottawa in person at Verizon Tuesday!