Monday, January 14, 2008

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The Caps' game on Sunday vs. the Flyers was a hard loss, since that was a winnable game against an Eastern Conference foe. On the plus side, this has been the second consecutive game when the Phone Booth has been pretty full (in fact, it was the second largest crowd this season, per the WaPo). The last home game was against Colorado, a team that doesnt get to play in DC very often. And the Flyers are one of the Caps traditional enemies, with the Daniel Briere-AO enmity adding to the effect. Lets hope that the new schedule next year brings in more teams that we havent seen in a few years, and with that more fans. And it'll probably take an act of God, but maybe one of these years, divisions will be tweaked so that the Caps can re-kindle those old rivalries (like the Flyers) that pack the house at the VC.

Tarik has Chris Clark nailing yesterday's loss:

"Every time we tried something cute, or out of the game plan, or individualistic, it ended up in the back of our net," Clark said.
And even worse news - Clark has apparently re-injured his groin, and is being assessed.

Corey has BB's view:
After winning four of five and losing once in regulation in the past eight contests (5-1-2), Washington failed to continue the momentum in the second of a critical five-game homestand.

"They're only going to give you so many opportunities," coach Bruce Boudreau said. "Eventually Carolina is going to start winning a lot of games, and the teams in the division that are losing are going to start winning. We have to make hay. This is a big week for us."

I would also add the power play should probably start shooting on net, instead of making elegant passes to each other.

In other hockey news:

The Senators lost at home on Sunday to the Islanders, and will be riding that into Tuesday's game versus the Caps. To add insult to injury, both Dany Heatley and Jason Spezza are injured.

The Leafs turned Scotty Bowman away from a position with the team. Yeah, really.



1) What has to be most troubling to caps fans was another less than stellar Kolzig performance. It further hilites the murkiness of their future in net
2) What do they do? Kolzig would seem to not be a good back up and doesn't appear to be able to handle the starters role consistently well anymore. What does GMGM do?
3) Could this be Ollie's last year?(It should if the Caps want to make the playoffs) Or do they resign him as repayment for his past efforts and the fact that there is no one better to step into the role of starter?
4) Johnny is a good back up but is NOT the answer to be the starter. GMGM has some serious decisions to make for the most important position on the team!

Dan, Jr. said...

Strange situation there with Bowman. I wonder how much money he was asking for. Might have taken a good bit to pry him away from Hockeytown. Otherwise, I guess it was the total control issue.

Shmee said...

Yes...the PP was just one troubling spot. Kolzig wasnt terrible (I think some turnovers/other defensive lapses didnt help) but he has consistently been okay in goal. Maybe he gets traded at the deadline to a contender? Another troubling spot was Semin. He needs to work on his defensive game.

Dan: I think the Leafs should do everything they can right no to turn the situation over to Bowman. Maybe they call this season over, and wait till the summer to get him. Either way, couldnt be clearer that Ferguson should be gone.


1) No disrespect to Mr. Bowman as he is one of the greatest coaches of all time, but we'd be a bit reluctant to hand over complete control of the franchise to a man who will be 76.
2) Not saying that he's losing anything, but trying to be realistic that most folks that age aren't up to the intense rigors required for that kind of position. He's probably well suited to his current position with the wings as consultant

Shmee said...

Faux: We have to disagree! Scotty Bowman will serve many purposes, not the least of which is restoring a sense of stability in Leafs nation for fans. Also, if he can clean house a team president, I think the Leafs can get back on track. Number one is firing Ferguson.