Monday, January 7, 2008

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The Caps are practicing, but have no game until Wed. against the equally injury ladden Avs, so its a bit quiet today. Tarik has some bits and pieces from that sweet OT win against Montreal:

I apparently offended defenseman John Erskine when I asked him about setting up the Caps' fourth goal with a well-timed pass to Alex Ovechkin as the winger stepped out of the penalty box.

Erskine, who has six assists, shot back with a smile, "What are you trying to say? I can make plays."


Corey has this from the Montreal game:

Boudreau said a pep talk from forward Donald Brashear during the first intermission helped the team settle.

"One of our leaders came in after the first period and gave the group [heck]," Boudreau said. "We had a game plan, and some of us were on it and some weren't."

The sense of accountability seems to have ratcheted up under Boudreau, which is nothing but good.

In other hockey news:

The Flyers, again. Steve Downie, again. Is anyone surprised? The real question here is about the next step with the Flyers. Last time this happened, the league threatened action against the team. Lets see if they hold it up.

Peter Forsberg
might come back. Blah, blah, blah.

won the under-20 tournament. Sweden, Russia and the US came placed respectively.

The top scorers from UND and UNH hockey have been suspended after they were arrested for disorderly conduct.



1) Downie's punch was certainly a cheap shot. Against a defenseless guy like Blake who never fights. If it were a player unlike Downie who has a checkered past, the fine/suspension would be minimal, but with his track record he'll probably get 5-10 games
2) Also the linesman who screwed up and allowed Downie arm to stay free to punch Blake should get a reprimand/suspsension as well.
3) We still don't like the concept of arbritarily taking action against the team UNLESS such rules are stipulated prior to the season. Here it seems the league is reacting to the media outcry, and is creating policy as it goes along.
4) Who cares about Forsberg? He's the Roger Clemens of hockey!

PaV said...

Have to agree.. Downie is a moron. I am thinking he will get 5 games.

Shmee said...

Yup...what made the punch so bad was that Blake had his arms pinned behind his back by a lineman.

Pav: I am hoping its closer to 10 games.

FR: I see your point about punishing the team (and I hope the Flyers behavior this season will help set a precedent for dealing with entire teams), but the situation is so out of control now that someone has to do something. I would love to see the Flyers have to forfeit 3-5 games. I think that is the only thing that will really get through to them.

PaV said...

Shmee: he didn't get anything for his punch. BAH. Good old NHL huh?