Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A tie (at trash talking, the Caps still lost)

Well, CapsChick and I won some of our wager against the guys at Four Habs Fans, though we would have preferred to lose this part of it:

Winner of Tuesday night game: Habs
But it was also a night of triumph for trash talking. I've got some of the highlights below:

Habsfan10 said...
I don't think any Caps fan should be throwing stones over hairstyles. That's a pretty big glass house your superstar lives in.

His haircut costs $14. Never a good sign. It also looks like his "hairstylist" plunked a bowl on his head and cut around it.

HabsFan33 said...
Speaking of horrible hair, Al Iafrate used to look like a serial killer from the movie Fargo.
Shmee: We dont deny the truth. Well, except when we lie. Which is a lot.

panger76 said...
Oh, and we have 24 more Stanelty Cups than you.
Shmee:Ouch again.

HabsFan29 said...modern technology! i can trash talk via my Palm while im at my crappy lawyers meeting
Shmee: We love technology.

Shmee said...
And I'm sorry, where is Huet or Halak's Vezina? Oh thats right, neither of them have one. But Olie does.
Shmee: Good, right? Or so I thought.

Habsfan10 said...
I will concede that you have the overwhelming lead in fluke Vezinas ... hey, how is Jim Carrey these days?
Shmee: I believe the term is, "Laying the smack down"

CapsChick said...
I hear he's fine...how's Jose Theodore? Geez, at least our fluke Vezina winner had the courtesy to disappear off the face of the earth. Yours is doing better for another team!

Shmee: We can always count on CapsChick.

DC Sports Chick said...
Wow, I never knew Montreal fans were so bitter just b/c Ovechkin spurned them. I'd say that they sound like a bunch of dumped girlfriends, but that would imply that Ovie had some sort of connection with Montreal in the first place. ("But he said he loved playing in Montreal!") So sad.

Then again, you have to wonder about a team that would force Patrick Roy out...too bad about that Curse of St. Patrick.
Shmee: Nice.

Shmee said...
The Habs PP is officially strong enough to inseminate every woman within a 50 mile radius of the Bell Center.

Habsfan10 said...
That's gonna result in a whole lot of pregnant strippers.
Shmee: These guys are good.

CapsChick said...
And the Caps are on a streak of not losing back to back in regulation, so we'll see what happens on Thursday ;)
Shmee: And CC finds the silver lining for us!

We are having a ton of fun with our threeway (contest), so thanks to CapsChick and Four Habs Fans for showing us a good time. On the internet we mean. And thanks to everyone who has commented. We expect to win this thing on Thursday, which just means that the Caps have to score...six goals. So free wings for everyone.


HabsFan29 said...

we only need 5 goals for our free wings promotion. ha!


(it's french but the big numbers are blingual)

In all fairness, though, Cage aux Sports wings are pretty lame

CapsChick said...

thanks to CapsChick and Four Habs Fans for showing us a good time

Hey, I know how to show people a good time - it says so all over the bathroom walls!

...they were referring to my charm, wit and intelligence, right?

In all fairness, though, Cage aux Sports wings are pretty lame

In all fairness, though, Cage aux Sports is pretty lame too. For my fellow yanks it's very ESPNZone...although at least they show hockey so I guess I shouldn't pick on them too much.

Shmee, you ready for the game tomorrow night? Sounds like coach was riding them pretty hard today - and Mo will probably be back too! I feel a blowout victory coming on...say...8-1 Caps? ;)

Shmee said...

HB29: Nice...I think when Austin Grill made the promotion, they never actually thought that the Caps would ever score 6 goals in a game. Then we got a new coach and started scoring goals, and all of a sudden Austin Grill was out a lot of money. I'm not sure we'll see this promotion again next year:)

CC: Damn right, I'm ready! 8-1 Caps? I feel 11-1 coming on.