Tuesday, January 8, 2008

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The Captain is baaaaack! Well, kind of. He's practicing again, which is a good sign. But other injuries still plague the Caps:

Veteran center Michael Nylander, who has been playing with a shoulder injury, was held out of practice yesterday while wing Matt Pettinger left the ice after just a few minutes.


Also absent from practice were Tom Poti and Brian Pothier, the Capitals' No. 1 and No. 4 defensemen. Poti, the team's leader in ice time, has missed two games because of an upper body injury that's held him out of the lineup twice this season, while Pothier is believed to have suffered his second concussion in a year when he was crushed along the boards Thursday in Boston by Milan Lucic.

Tarik mentions that Nylander's injury might have to do with his rotator cuff and might warrant surgery. Thats a lot of "mights", so we'll see how it shakes out.

Another quiet day on the homefront other then that. We are still waiting on the official word regarding Ben Clymer.

In other hockey news:

Ovechkin not selected as All-Star starter. We have no comment on how utterly stupid it is that the second leading scorer in the league was not chosen as a starter. Oh wait...was that a comment?

Mike Ribiero awarded five year deal with Stars.

Karma is a bitch.

The Canes claimed Sergei Samsonov
off of waivers. I think its fair to say this should be his LAST chance.



1) Don't like some of the 'scuttle-butt' going around about Nylander; That he may have a rotator cuff issue. If he were a baseball pitcher his season would be over.
2) Best case scenario IF thats true is he plays through the season getting the occational cortisone shot and has surgery(arthroscopic hopefully) to repair the damage in the off season
3) Also you can bet that Pothier had a concussion. The dreaded C-word( we will have a post on this subject next week) Players are often rushed back prematurely and risk permaent damage as a result


1) The Canes showed how desperate they are with the Samsonov pick up. As FR2 wrote today:"Its Subtraction By Addition!"