Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hockey meets Bollywood: Malhotra

Capital Addiction has occasionally heard complaints that we dont quite live up to our tagline, "Hockey Meets Bollywood". These complaints have fallen mostly on deaf ears, since we direct any complaints to our cousin Sharad, who is deaf. But Sharad, in a fit of pique, has insisted that we address these complaints.

In compromise, we will now be adding a weekly feature called "Hockey Meets Bollywood". In our first post, we introduce Mr. Manny Malhotra. Some (Sharad) might say that Manny Malhotra doesnt count as Bollywood, but he's 50% Indian, which is good enough for us.

Emmanuel Noveen Malhotra was born to an Indian father and French Canadian mother in 1980. I could say more, but Wikipedia does it better:

He was drafted in the first round as the 7th overall pick of the 1998 NHL Entry Draft by the New York Rangers. During his NHL career he has played for the Rangers, the Dallas Stars and his current team, the Columbus Blue Jackets. Malhotra spent the 2005-2006 season centering Columbus' 3rd line.

He is the second NHL player and first centre of Indian descent to play in the NHL(the first being Robin Bawa during the 1989-90 season with the Washington Capitals) as his father is from the state of Punjab in India. His mother is a French Canadian. In September, 2007, Manny married Joann Nash, sister of NBA basketball player Steve Nash.

He likes paneer (good choice), made good grades (nice Indian Boy), and he plays for a team I dont hate (CBJ). All in all, if he werent already married to Steve Nash's sister, I would ask my Mom to start arranging the marriage.


Anonymous said...

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PaV said...

Malhotra is only 50%? I have to agree, 50% is good enough for me. I totally forgot he played in the league.

Came across your site from Sherry's blog.

And really... is there a art to wearing a Sari? :P

Shmee said...

Hi Pav,

Ha! Somewhere, Manny is cringing. Truth be told, I think a lot of people forgot he was in the league for a bit.

LOVE Sherry's site, she is a great writer. (

I've been told there is an art to wearing a sari, but I have yet to experience it:) My sari tying isnt very artful.

PaV said...

Hi Shmee :P

And yes somewhere he is cringing. Its all good, here is out there showing that Indian's can play hockey. Maybe its just the start huh? :P

And yes, Sherry is a great writer. Her's was the first blog that I posted on!

And I am not sure about the art of wearing a Sari; never wore one. But I am thinking they are harder to tie than they look.

Is it time to go home yet??

Bethany said...

I'm sorry that I suck and didn't do this. But, he's a huge player for us, he was out a few games and we certainly saw a difference.