Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ovechkin inks long term deal with Caps

From On Frozen Blog:

Earlier today, Alexander Ovechkin, accompanied by family and an attorney, walked into the Washington Capitals’ team offices in Arlington, Va., reviewed with counsel terms for a new contract with the club, and agreed to a six-year pact that will pay him $54 million.
More to come on this later, when I get out of my 758 meeting of the day.

Okay, maybe its not true? The internet is a curse/blessing.
Thanks Rage!


Dan, Jr. said...
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Dan, Jr. said... said a deal was close, but not done. They refer to a post at, that they say claims a deal has been agreed to.

Dan, Jr. said...

Shmee. In case you haven't heard - tack on another seven years at $10 million per. That's right. Alex is a Cap for 13 more years for a total of $124 million. I'll bet you've just been too busy celebrating to post an update. There's a lot of really happy Caps fans tonight!

Shmee said...

Dan, you give me too much credit. I went to a movie:) Thanks for the update tho!!