Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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Last regular season game against Ottawa tonight...can we sweep them? I hope so. Check out fellower HLOG'er Sherry at Scarlett Ice to see what Sens Nation is saying.

Mo gets a little love from the WaPo:

Morrisonn, who has not scored a goal but has blocked 44 shots and anchors the penalty kill, attributes his turnaround to skating alongside Green and Boudreau's more aggressive forechecking system.

"It's a little bit of everything," Morrisonn said. "I love Bruce's system. It's a great system, and when we're playing it correctly, we're not in our own end all night."

And Corey takes a look at Matt Pettinger and his diminished playing time under BB:
Both he and Clark got off to slow starts, and Pettinger hasn't recovered. He has two goals and three assists in 40 games. He also has been scratched in two straight and three of the past six games.

"I want to contribute whenever I can, and I feel like I can play better," Pettinger said. "I don't feel like I've played bad hockey to this point, but I am just not getting the results. In this business that is what it is all about."

Added coach Bruce Boudreau: "I don't know [what is different]. We had a long talk today about it. Whatever it is, I'd like to get him to go find it."

Corey also makes reference to some mysterious ailment Pettinger might be nursing.

In other hockey news:

Dont ask a member of the Canes to shake your hand...

Spezza is likely to play tonight.

Malkin got his second hat trick of the season last night.

Marc Savard replaces Dany Heatley in the All-Star lineup.

Mats Sundin says he doesnt want to be traded, but he means that he does want to be traded. Or something. I think I might need to contact a 13 year old to decipher that one.

They havent fired their current GM, but the Leafs are already looking for a new one. Good strategy guys!

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