Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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Can someone explain to me how Sidney Crosby's ankle is getting so much attention? Example one: ESPN's entire NHL page is dominated by updates on "ankle-gate" and its repercussions. They barely bother to mention the Caps thrilling SO win, swirling Leafs stories, and other hockey news. Ugh.

Tarik on last night's win:

"It was an important game in our season right now," said Ovechkin, who scored twice in regulation and now leads the league with 38 goals. "We are at .500, but we don't want to stop. We want to keep it going."
Corey rightly gives Quintin Laing credit for last night's win:
The score sheet says Alex Ovechkin and Alexander Semin provided the heroics in the shootout last night, but it might not have been possible without the effort in overtime by Quintin Laing.

Laing blocked three shots during a 3-on-5 situation to preserve the tie as the Washington Capitals beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 6-5 in front of a standing-room only crowd at Mellon Arena.

It looks like things are swinging the right way for the Caps. Injuries have hurt the team, but despite that, they are finding a way to win. Backstrom and Green have found their rhythm, Semin finally looks fully recovered and is notching some goals, and it looks like Flash and Kozlov are heating up. Can the Caps stay hot through the rest of the season? I hope so - and I'll be knocking on a lot of wood for the next 11 weeks. They face a Leafs team on tomorrow night that is pretty low in the standings, but just got a shake up with the firing of their GM. The next month of games is going to be critically important to finding out if the Caps can stay in the playoff hunt.



1) Is it possible Laing blocked more shots than Kolzig last night? LOL
2) BTW carolina plays AGAIN today. Is their season over a month sooner than everyoe else? ; ) Worst case scenario for the Caps is another OT game as the Caps are closing in on both teams(isles and canes) for a playoff slot

Shmee said...

Possible? I think it has to be true. Olie had a rough outing.

Dan, Jr. said...

I'm not too shocked by Sidney's ankle coverage. I was more shocked that the guys in the Vs studio mentioned Laing. That was nice, and he definitely deserved it. And yeah, glad that Kozzy looks like he may finally be hitting that net on a regular basis.

lorne young said...

Kolzig stopped 5 of 15. Ugly by any math. Injuries have taken a toll. I have the opinion that the power play has been missing a presence in front of the net. That could be Captain Clark. I hope he recovers and this isn't a lost season for him.

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