Friday, August 3, 2007

The Wild Siberian

Japers Rink has the link to a great interview with Alex Semin. A few of the quotes:

R: The team management does not forbid players to spend time in places (clubs) like that?

AS: There, its not how things are done, nobody monitors anybody. Not like in Russia. Like they say, NHL is a league of professionals, whose preparation is their own business. You can come out on the ice in any condition - lacking sleep, for example - but you have to do what is asked of you. And if you do it, nobody will say a word to you.


R: Did the parents take it hard (regarding expulsion from the Russian World Cup team)?

AS: Dad played hockey himself, he went through it all, so he understands everything. Mom worried a lot - women are women.


R: So what kind of lifestyle do you prefer?

AS: Ours, of course. There, at 8-9 pm, there isn't a soul on the streets, what is there to do? One practice a day - and that’s it. Thank god we have 82 games: practices, games, transportation - on account of this, the year passes very quickly. Otherwise, it’s the doldrums.
Hmm. I guess I could be a woman and worry about the content of this interview, but the truth is that I dont give a crap what Semin says or does as long as he gives 100% at the rink.


Bitchany said...

Haha that interview just made ne giggle. He's a great player so he can say what he wants.

Margee said...

Wow. Semin is all over the place, there. Who knew Semin was so unwholesome? I mean, I like Semin, but Semin needs to not shoot off like that in the press.

(I'm sorry. I'm addicted. SportSquee needs an excuse to write another outburst of Semin, I think.)

Shmee said...

Bethany: I couldnt agree more. As long as he brings it, I dont care what he does.

Margee: You can talk about Semin anytime you want. In fact, can i request another Semin post?

Bitchany said...

Oh man I love Semin posts!!

Rage said...

Can I make a joke about how close you were to making a dirty statement?

An intriguingly dirty statement?

And sorry I've been MIA, I was in Charlotte for 2 weeks.

^ also can be read as dirty.

Shmee said...

Glad to have you back!