Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pothier and Gordon on the 07-08 Caps

Tarik caught a couple of the Caps at Kettler this week, check out the full interviews here:

From Brian Pothier:

Q: What's the feeling among the veterans, like yourself, Chris Clark and Olie Kolzig?

A: Rebuilding is a process. We all knew what this organization was trying to do. They wanted a ton of young kids growing up together, which was absolutely the right way to build a team. Now we've added some pieces to the puzzle. I'm next summer could be the same thing as we get ready to make that push. We're all really excited about have the chance this year to make something happen.
And from Boyd Gordon:
Q: Given all of the new talent coming in, there would appear to be only a few jobs up for grabs. Do you expect camp to be more competitive as a result?

A: There's a lot of guys for not so many positions. It's going to be a battle. Nothing is guaranteed, so you want go in there in shape, work hard and prove yourself. Everyone's going to have to give it all they have and see what happens.

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