Thursday, August 23, 2007

Holy Olie!

Tarik has a couple pieces in the WaPo today with Olie, a Q&A as well as an article. Here are some hits:

Q: Are you concerned at all about Alex Ovechkin's contract situation? Crosby's got his extension. Is this something that could become a distraction for Alex if it's not done soon?

A: That's something Alex is going to have to get through. It's going to get done. Whether it's tomorrow, a month from now or at the end of the year. It's going to get done. There's no question. I just hope it doesn't affect Alex. If he shows signs that it is affecting him, there's enough of us here who have been through it who can pull him aside and say, 'Look, just play hockey and let your agent and GM worry about it.'
And on continuing to play in the NHL:
Kolzig also said he would like to play at least three more seasons, preferably in Washington. His contract expires next July and he acknowledged that negotiations on an extension have not begun.

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