Wednesday, August 22, 2007

News from Hershey

Tim Leone has some news on Hershey's Louis Robitaille, who was just signed to a new one year deal. You might remember Robitaille as the guy who got into it with Rory Fitzpatrick during his first shift in his first pre-season game with the Caps in '06. Robitaille is a spark plug for the Hershey team, and the star of one of my favorite Hershey videos. And many congrats to Robitaille, as he and his significant other are expecting.

Thus, the left winger, a fan favorite in his instigator role the past two seasons, agreed to a one-way AHL contract that will return him to the Bears for a third straight season.

"Obviously, we were looking for an NHL two-way contract," Robitaille said Tuesday. "I was only interested in moving my family if there was an NHL opportunity. Otherwise, I wanted to come back here."


Ally S said...

I just watched that video and it reminds me of Slapshot

Bitchany said...

I love Louis Robitaille...I just wanna give him a hug...haha.