Friday, August 17, 2007

Has anyone noticed...

Leonsis v. Czaban? Eric McErlain sums it up:

Time was a town needed at least two tabloid newspapers to get embroiled in a full blown media war. But these days the weapons of choice are far less expensive and the barriers to entry a whole heck of a lot lower.

Such is the case this past week as Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis hit the blog warpath against SportsTalk 980, the local AM sports talk radio outfit in Washington, D.C. And irony of all ironies, the fight didn't start about hockey, it started over David Beckham's MLS debut in the nation's capital just a little over a week ago.
Good for Ted Leonsis. I am so SICK of hearing hockey maligned by people who know nothing about it and bash it because its easy. I got a little heated the other day when an acquaintance said that soccer has taken over hockey in America. Give me a break (and I am part season ticket holder for DC United). Lets all remember, hockey's TV numbers have been historically low. A much better indicator of how hockey is doing is ticket and merchandise sales, and those have been steadily on the rise.

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Ally S said...

To be honest Shmee, I think its a little overblown