Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Around the Internets

Tarik takes a look at Jeff Schultz's "new weapon" (insert dirty joke):

Schultz's scoring surge has come as a surprise, even to him. He never has been considered an offensive dynamo. In fact, his half slap shot isn't very hard -- but it's accurate, and he gets it off in a hurry. Schultz's five goals have come on just 13 shots. His .385 shooting percentage is tied for fifth in the league.

"It's been effective for me," Schultz said. "The last four goals I've scored have all been half slap shots."

Corey's got his weekly NHL Report, and the Q&A this week is with Tom Poti:
Q: Biggest phobia?
A: Probably getting old - I don't want to get old
Fair enough, dude.

In other NHL news:

More on Crawford allegedly ordering Todd Bertuzzi's hit on Steve Moore.

Chris Simon will be suspended 30 games for stomping on the back of Jarkko Ruutu's leg. According to TSN, Simon will appeal but since this is his eighth NHL suspension, I'm not exactly sure what kind of case he thinks he has (he has been suspended for using racial slurs, kneeing, cross checking across the throat, and of course stick swinging, among others).

Ben Eager gets traded to the Hawks.


Shmee said...
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1) Hadn't heard that Simon intends to 'appeal' his supension. Unless its simply a procedural move, he has to have balls to appeal anything right now. He could concievably be in jail on a battery charge
2) He needs to simply go home and start a new non-hockey life. Good bye Chris!
3) Schultz must be living well. have yet to see any of his goals where you think, Wow, what a shot or what a nice play by Schultz. Seems every time he gets a shot off it goes in. Imagine if AO had that 'Problem' LOL

Rage said...

Chris Simon needs to get the hell out of the NHL.