Thursday, December 13, 2007

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As we have mentioned, we enjoy Mike Green/Mike Green's hair. So we are really happy that he is having such a terrific season, and is becoming the star that everyone had anticipated.

On that thought, a LOT of the Caps are breaking out. Joe Motzko with two goals against King Henrik....Donald Brashear with two assists (and occasionally, some pretty skating)....Jeff Schultz with a goal in three consecutive games. The list goes on, but it seems that all those bounces that were not going our way in October and November are making up for it now. And thats exactly what the Caps need, because to be a true contender, you cant just have some guy with the name Ovechkin scoring all the goals.

Tarik give Mike Green props:

Green and teammate Brooks Laich raced into the Rangers' zone on a two-on-one rush. Laich dished the puck to Green, who snapped his shot behind Henrik Lundqvist with 1 minute 19 seconds in overtime left to deliver a thrilling 5-4 victory -- and put a punctuation mark on his breakout season.
Corey give Green some love as well:
"It took me all of last year to really get an understanding of what it takes to be a pro hockey player," Green said. "Also, [coach] Bruce [Boudreau] has been really good. I know what is expected out of me with him, and he makes that very clear."
A few other thoughts from last night:
- Alex Semin checked someone. It wasnt a very good check, and he did it a little half heartedly, but my jaw still dropped. When I see Alex Ovechkin checking people and scoring goals, and the see the aggressive forecheck/backcheck making such a big difference, it hammers home that everyone has to buy into the system. Alex Semin doesnt need to throw five hits a night, but he needs to look in sync with the team.
-Brooks Laich has been playing smart hockey this year
-Donald Brashear has found a role more satisfying then hired muscle, and he is making the most of it by building a case to play more then 3 minutes a night
- Olie Kolzig needs to get UP if he doesnt know where the puck is and a whistle has not been blown

In other hockey news:

Ray Emery is injured again, but with a great back up like Martin Gerber, I dont think the Sens are sweating.

There is some tough luck floating around the league for goalies, as Marc-Andre Fleury might be out two months, and Fernandez will likely miss the rest of the Bruins season.


belmontmedina said...

poor Ray Emery. Even if he is kind of a douche, I'll tend his "wounds"


1) The pens may be lucky M-A-F is out. he's not good.
2) Green is finally putting it all together as are the rest of the team. Its MUCH more than getting the bounces now, it s about confidence and hard work. That part can directly be attributed to coaching.
3) Hanlon just coulnd't adapt when his game plan didn't go as predicted. Rarely changing lines/strategy on the fly, while Gabby seems to do this(so far) automaticly
4) No one is allowed to take a night off. Everyone is now accountable and expected to produce. Huge difference. Its unforunate that GMGM waited so long to see what many of us saw even last year. This season is long from over, but the caps could conceiveably be in the hunt for the division right now.
5) Also forget about all that 'injuries are the reason' talk. Injuries are only an excuse for losing teams. Sure Nylander and Clark back will only help, but every team has injuries!

Rage said...

In my best Tommy Heinsohn voice..... I .... LOVE.... GREENIE.

DMG said...

In regards to Faux's point #2 - that's part of the reason I think this team has a shot to have an amazing second half. With so many young players developing the Capitals should be a much better team in their last 10-20 games than in their first 10-20

Shmee said...

Belmont: We believe you
Faux: Youre totally right, confidence is a big part of getting those goals.
Rage: I think CapsNation completely agrees with you
dmg: Its too bad the players didnt come along sooner, but it might just be that BB is giving them the direction they need to bloom.

mark said...

Mike is also becoming a star off the ice. Vote for him in America's Giving Challenge by checking out his charity badge for Children's Hospital.