Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wow, that game sucked

Now something to cheer you up...the video of Ovie on a Segway.


Dan, Jr. said...

Yeah, that game was disapointing. Thanks for cheering me up by posting the video. Great stuff!

HabsFan29 said...

"Watch out for the squirrel!" I could watch that video 100 times.

Sorry Shmee. From all reports you guys deserved better, just look at the shots.

See you at the end of January!


1) The shot total was a bit of an allusion. Sure the caps did have some chances, and hit a crossbar( a non-shot), but a lot of those were long range low potential chances
2) That said, Ollie was again less than stellar. Can't be faulted on all the goals for sure, but he didn't make but one memorable big stop
3) Huet is certainly raising his trade value with games like last night. Seeing how the Coyotes turned their season around with adding a good goalie, we're sure BG will have a few offers for Huet if available as rumoured, this trade deadline

DMG said...

I dunno, Faux, the last I saw scoring chances were 18-10 Capitals