Wednesday, December 19, 2007

goodbye, dear friend (yes, we mean the mohawk)

The Canadien Press has a feature on our very own Mike Green. They some kinda dumb stuff, like Green was "unheralded" (really? Weird, since he was a first round pick, was selected for the Young Stars game in his rookie year and has consistently been listed as a top prospect).

But the part that really bothered me (and this is a good measure of our values system here at Cap Addiction) is this:

Maybe it's that UFC vibe in him, but Green wore a Mohawk in the AHL. Not anymore.

"That was my two years in the minors when we went to the playoffs and I grew one for the playoffs," laughed Green. "But I guess you got to be a little more professional in this league."

Mike Green's mohawk is 99% of the reason I liked him last season, when he was playing bad- average hockey. The hawk made me like him, despite the poor defensive play and lack of initiative. It was a great do, among a team of men with Mom hair.

PS: All this should serve as a hint-hint to Jeff Schultz, who is still on my sh-t list, despite the goals.


Rage said...

Shmee, I'm bored. Please advise.

Shmee said...

Already? It was only 8am when you posted that!

Online scrabble works for me every time.