Saturday, December 8, 2007

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I am back from my travels to find Michael Nylander joining Chris Clark and Boyd Gordon on the list of injured Caps. And another 1-goal loss last night, this time to the NJ Devils. I am hoping for better tonight against the Thrashers.

Tarik on last night's game:

NEWARK, Dec. 7 -- Bruce Boudreau has been behind the Washington Capitals' bench for only seven games. But the interim coach has apparently had enough.
Enough of the inconsistent efforts. Enough of the egregious turnovers. Enough of the excuses.


"We didn't play good enough to win, or we would have won," Boudreau said. "That was a horrible giveaway for the first goal, and Olie should have had the save. He's too good a goalie to let those things go in."
Corey's headline says it all - "Bottom line: Capitals lose again". He has this from Boudreau:
"I don't want to be the guy who has to come in [to the dressing room] and blast them every time they don't play well because they should be professional and they should come to play every night.

"In the first period, we didn't come to play and that is unforgivable."

I am finding it harder and harder to keep a positive attitude about the Caps. As a fan and STH, its terrible to watch the team simply not perform for portions of the game, and then show up when they feel like it. As Bruce Boudreau said, they are professionals. What in the world is it going to take to get them to start acting like it on the ice? Their long time coach has been fired, they are getting lashed in the media by their new coach, the roster is being shaken up....whats left? I guess we will find out tonight.


Dan, Jr. said...

Apparently Bruce did find what it takes. At least for one game. Let's hope he doesn't have to repeat himself very often. They looked great last night.

Rage said...

Well that had to make you feel at least a little better, right?

mm said...

Hey it was really good meeting you at the HH :)

I'm still down for the knitting group, btw.