Monday, December 10, 2007

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Phew. I was getting pretty tired of watching (and paying) the Caps drop game after game, sometimes with good reason (injuries) and a lot of times with no good reason (effort). The Caps are home tonight, Wed. and Friday, and during that time I am fervently hoping they continue their winning ways. In fact, they have to if they have any shot at all left at the playoffs.

Tarik profiles Bruce Boudreau:

Center Brooks Laich, another former Bear, added: "He's not above yelling at anybody. Doesn't matter if you're a veteran or a rookie. He's the exact same as he was in Hershey, down to the awful ties and the bad suits."
Tarik follows that up with a piece on his blog that has all the good stuff that didnt make it to the article. Check it out.

And, Corey profiles Boudreau as well:

"His ties were the worst," said Caps defenseman Mike Green, one of nine current players whom Boudreau coached with the Bears. "He might have the worst tie-shirt combinations I have ever seen, but whatever works for him."

Added Steckel: "If you look at Bruce, you know he's not the fittest guy in the league. Everybody has their own way of being professional. Him having his tie untucked or a little mustard stain on his shirt — that is standard for him."

In other hockey news:

The Devils's winning streak has finally been snapped, coming into tonight's game against the Caps.

The Preds are officially sold.


Arjewtino said...

"...shot at all left at the playoffs"? You must be dreaming. They have as much a chance at the playoffs as the Kings do at the Stanley Cup.


1) Saturday nights game will ONLY have meaning if it is followed up by an equally strong effort tonight. Else its another Toronto/Ottawa. Nice/impressive/unexpected wins in an otherwise dismal season
2) You'd have to think the Caps will see kevin Weekes and not marty tonight in goal. Weekes hasn't played in 4 weeks and Brodeur needs a day off, especially after last night.
3) Nice to see Green and Backstrom showing more confidencewith each passing game. With AO, those are a pretty good/solid core of young guys to build around

Shmee said...

Arjewtino: In fact, I am dreaming. The same dream fans of the Kings, Coyotes and Leafs are having this season. And I'm also drinking, which is not a good sign since last season it took me until after December to start drinking this heavily at games.

Faux: Good points all around. I agree, the Caps biggest problem is that they will win one, then lost the next three. We need to follow this up with another win. I am hoping their Sat. night performance (which for once wasnt just the Alex Ovechkin show) will give them the confidence to do so.