Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hockey, gay men, and Canada

Last week, Breakfast with Scot opened in Canada. The movie is about a gay couple -- a hockey news caster and a current player -- raising a nephew. Since I doubt my one sentence synopsis does the movie justice, check out the trailer below. The movie looks pretty funny, and I am hoping that a theater in the area picks it up eventually. I have to add that this movie has done the impossible...I have stopped actively disliking the Maple Leafs. The Leafs allowed their logo and branding to be used in the movie, which is a pretty courageous thing to do in the conservative hockey world. Kudos to them.



1) We share your amazement that the Leafs would allow their team logo to be used in this film. Perhaps they didn't know the gist of the story line when they gave the OK? LOL

Shmee said...

I think the Leafs might actually have believed that gay meant happy in the case of this movie.

In all seriousness, very cool thing for them to do.