Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Around the internets


Tarik has Steve Eminger going off on his playing time (definitely worth reading). From Eminger:

"There should be room for guys on this defense to come in and out of the lineup," he said. "It's not Anaheim where there's Chris Pronger, Scott Niedermayer andFrancois Beauchemin, who are complete locks to play. It's a situation where it's a young team and there's going to be a lot of mistakes. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but I thought I would have been given more of a chance."

Um Steve....I dont know if borderline insulting your teamates is the way to go.

Tarik also has news on Clark and Semin -- both are skating again, with Clark fully practicing.

Corey managed to catch John Tavares in action, and found a good hockey player, not a great one.


Rage said...

Whatever. "Hair gel" (that's your nickname for him, correct?) has received ZERO help from McPhee. Tell him why he's not playing, and he wouldn't say that. Right?

DMG said...

He's not playing b/c the don't faith in him playing on the left side and defensemen currently playing on the right are Green, Jurcina and Pothier, none of whom are likely to be scratched very often.

Shmee said...

And they dont have faith in him, because he has consistently been the most inconsistent player out there. Not very confidence inspiring with Green, Poti, Jurcina, Mo, Pothier, etc in the lineup.