Tuesday, November 27, 2007

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I gave you my take on the game in the post below, here is Tarik's:

The Washington Capitals came out with energy last night against the Buffalo Sabres, and for a while appeared capable of beating one of the league's hottest teams. But turnovers led to two second-period goals for the Jochen Hecht-led Sabres, who skated off with a 3-1 victory.
And Bruce Boudreau is a quote machine. On Semin:
"I've never seen him play," Boudreau said. "I have to believe he's going to be better."
On the game:
"We played as hard as [Buffalo] and as good as them," Boudreau said, "just not as smart as them."
Corey talks to Olie and Clark about the game:

"Until we clear that up, it doesn't matter who is behind the bench, it doesn't matter who we have in the net and it doesn't matter who is on the ice: We're not going to win hockey games," Kolzig said. "Until guys get it through their heads to get the puck deep and not commit these turnovers, we're going to have nights like this."

Added Clark: "Everybody has to buy in. It is a team thing. It is a pretty easy thing to do is to get the puck in deep. It is not hard. You don't have to be skilled. You don't have to smart. You don't have to be overly everything. ... It is just an easy hockey read sometimes."

And in other hockey news:

The sale of the Ning to the group headed by former Columbus GM Doug McLean is off. Or might be on. Or might be off. I am having Predators deja vu.

Corey has launched an NHL Report on Sundays with the WaTimes. Check it out. Its great to have an NHL wrap up from a major paper again.

NOTE: We are sad to report that the Redskin's Sean Taylor passed away this morning, from a gunshot injury he sustained during an armed robbery attempt at his Florida home.



1) By the way, they need to fire the person(s) who mantains the ice. We've seen ponds with better surfaces than that. Players were sliding/falling, pucks were bouncing like a golf ball all night
2) Gotta love the candor of Gabby, and anyone who was in SlapShot is aces with FAUXRUMORS!.

Anonymous said...

Liked the report from Corey at the Washington Times.

Regarding your post about the game last night; Ovy could'nt have scored that goal without Emminger's pass. He is still developing and being in suit has not helped his situation.