Monday, November 19, 2007

Brian Sutherby trade

Tarik has the full word on it, but Brian Sutherby has been packed off to Anaheim. The Caps get an 09 draft pick for him, and Sutherby gets a second chance.

I caught Sutherby on his cell phone a little while ago. He's at the airport waiting for a flight to Anaheim, where he'll practice with the Ducks in the morning and then travel with the team to Dallas for their game Wednesday night.

Here's what he had to say:

"I've been expecting something to happen for a while now. Every day I came to the rink not knowing if something was going to happen. So I guess it was just a matter of time."

"There's a lot of emotions. Right off the hop, you're excited about getting an opportunity to go play, and for a very good team. Then you sit back and think about all the good times you had here, all the guys and good teammates I've played with."

"It's obviously exciting in that aspect, but it's tough to leave the guys."

Sutherby didn't have any unkind words for anyone here. He just sounded happy to be getting a chance somewhere. He also said Anaheim is one of the few teams in the league where he doesn't know anyone, though he skated with Chris Pronger a few summer summers ago



1) One has to wonder how much playing time Suds will actually get in Anaheim. In front of him on the depth chart at center are Ryan Getzlaf, Andy McDonald, Samuel Pahlsson and Todd Marchant.
2) He may have simply gone to another coast to sit. GMGM got a whole lot more than many would have thought he would be worth. A 2nd rounder is a good return for a spare part from a last place team.
3) Yes, he has some talent and what Brian Burke loves, size, but we haven't seen anything from Brian that leads us to believe he'll be much more than what he's done so far.
4) So when will Eminger get a similar fate? two guys touted as "the future' not long ago. Should make cap fans a bit uneasy hearing about how many good prospects they have and 'the future is bright' etc. from the current management team

Rage said...

I'm happy that my Slingbox is broken and I can't watch this team. Yikes.