Thursday, November 15, 2007

Around the internets

Tarik takes a look at the "millions and millions of problems" facing the Caps. Ouch.

Corey (via JP) has some info on Michal Neuvirth being traded from Plymouth, and USA Today does a little Panthers-Caps preview. Olie offers this:

``We've talked about it enough the last couple of weeks,'' he said. ``It all comes down to individuals knowing what they have to do and that's it. If you need somebody else to tell you to get motivated, you're probably in the wrong league.''



1) GMGM should know better than to use the injury excuse here. The Caps losing Semin was a huge loss for sure, but compared to last years team they have guys like Kozlov, Nylander and Backstrom to make up for that loss
2) Special teams, the one aspect of play that can be most attributable to coaching, continues to be awful.
3) If this team doesn't win 5+ of the 10 games in 17 days (Against teams they can/should beat!) then Hanlon needs to be replaced.

Shmee said...

1) Agreed. 110%.
2) Hanlon is part of it, because he is the coach, but these guys have GOT to find a way to the back of the net. Its getting ridiculous.
3) If we dont win at least 5, I think we can say bye to the playoffs.
4) I enjoy the numbering.