Monday, June 11, 2007

Please, somebody stop him

Governor Schwarzenegger helped the Ducks celebrate their Stanley Cup win on Saturday night. While it sucks that the Ducks didnt get a parade (they sure as hell deserved one) I think these comments from the Governator more then made up for it.

Schwarzenegger told the crowd that he had spoken with Canada's prime minister in Ottawa after the Ducks lost Game 3 and warned him that, "We'll be back."

"Then, when it came to the last game, it was, 'Hasta la vista, baby!"' Schwarzenegger said.


Ally Sinistra said...


Bethany said...

Haha that's awesome gotta love Arnie

KMS2 said...

A parade wouldn't have worked in Anaheim and I'm actually being serious.

Now, if the Kings had won, then yes, a parade would have worked in Downtown LA because after all those immigration rallies, the LAPD is already used to closing down streets and "keeping order".