Friday, June 29, 2007

Ohhh, Danny boy...

Daniel Briere has turned down a $25 mil, 5 year contract from Buffalo. I guess the Sabres were hoping for a loyalty induced discount, and that if they matched it with a longer term deal, they could sign Briere. Not so, as Danny seems to think he is worth more. Interestingly, Briere proposed this same package last year and the Sabres turned him down. I have to think that top players are going to expect 6-7 mil a year. Here is what players have been commanding so far this offseason:

JS Giguere, Anaheim: $24 mil/4 years

Kimmo Timonen, Philly: $37.8 mil/6 years

Pavel Datsyuk, Detroit: $46.9 mil/7 years

Scott Hartnell, Philly: $25.2 mil/6 years

Craig Rivet, San Jose: $14 mil/4 years

And here is what a miffed sounding Danny had to say:

Multiple reports say it was a five-year, $25 million deal, the same pact Briere wanted last offseason. The Sabres said no and Briere was awarded a one-year, $5M arbitration award.

Briere told the Buffalo News he was headed to California to meet up with co-captain Chris Drury to discuss their futures.


"I wish things would have gotten done earlier with Buffalo, but they didn't," Briere said. "There's always a little fear that nobody's going to call and nobody's going to want you, but the point of going through this is you want to feel wanted, and you wonder how they're going to show it."

Here is the latest from the NHL rumor mill:

Could Avs bring back Drury, Forsberg?
Jun 29 - The Colorado Avalanche could have about $10 million to throw at free agents this offseason. If they do, depending on where the cap is set, some speculate they could be active in the market.

The Denver Post reported that the Avs could reach out to former Colorado stars Chris Drury and Peter Forsberg, both set to become unrestricted free agents Sunday.


The Avs are also interested in forward Ryan Smyth, who is also set to hit the market Sunday.

Agent: Two teams interested in Emery
Jun 29 - Ray Emery is a restricted free agent, but that hasn't stopped a few clubs from contacting his agent.

J.P. Barry told Sun Media that he's talked to two teams willing to make an offer for the Senators goalie.

"He is an elite goalie, so I'm not surprised by the fact some teams would consider making an offer for his services," Barry said.

Boston, St. Louis and Los Angeles are rumored to be interested because of their need for help in net. But Sun Media reported the Bruins are the most interested.

There is a connection there, too. Boston GM Peter Chiarelli used to work in the Sens' front office. According to the report, the GM might be working up an offer between $3.5 million-$4.7 million for Emery. If that's the case, Boston would have to give up a first-, second- and third-round pick in 2008 to Ottawa.

Wings try to lock up deals
Jun 29 - The Red Wings met with the agents for goaltender Dominik Hasek, forward Todd Bertuzzi and defensemen Mathieu Schneider and Danny Markov at the draft and now GM Ken Holland is rounding them up again to try to finalize deals before Sunday's start to free agency.

All four are set to become free agents July 1.

Holland said he believes all four want to return, but "they've certainly got a salary expectation."


KMS2 said...

Do you think the guys who put together rumors just pick teams out of a hat? This is the first time I've heard the Kings being interested in Briere. While I would love to have either Briere or Drury, I'm not holding my breath because anything can happen.

Shmee said...

Haha...personally, I think they might just throw darts at a map of the country. And our course, its all "anonymous" sources.

Steph said...

I go to a Caps blog and I think I should be safe from hearing those painful "want all four to return" + "salary cap concerns" comments floating around everywhere about my poor team. But no! Not at all!

Come on know you and your funny looking face want to stay.

Shmee said...

Steph: Lol, I am sorry I cant provide any relief! And I Schneider would be wise to re-sign.

Bitchany said...

This time of year stresses me OUT!!!!!!!!!

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